Pure Charge&Go IX

Unleash the power of conversation

Our ground-breaking Integrated Xperience architecture in a small, sleek RIC device with hassle-free rechargeability.

Finally, a hearing aid built for real conversations

Pure Charge&Go IX with Signia Integrated Xperience, which takes a whole new approach to keeping up with the conversation. It’s the world's first hearing aid with a multi-stream architecture capable of accurately pinpointing multiple moving speakers in real-time – fluidly adapting to enhance their speech and reduce background noise, even when they move around.
Signia Integrated Xperience

Watch Signia experts demonstrate what Pure Charge&Go IX can do

See the groundbreaking RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology of Signia Integrated Xperience in action.

Belangrijke features

Integrated Xperience

RealTime Conversation Enhancement

Augmented Focus

Own Voice Processing 2.0

Signia Assistant


Android & iOS connectiviteit

Recharge on-the-go

Auto EchoShield

HandsFree iOS

95% van de hoortoesteldragers behaalden een significant betere score in een groepsgesprek.*

Don't miss out!
Unleash the power of conversation with Pure Charge&Go IX.

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Versatile charging solutions

Offer hearing aid wearers a choice of different chargers to power their Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids

Pure Charger

Gemakkelijk thuis opladen

De standaard lader biedt een betrouwbare oplossing

Pure Portable Charger

Overal en altijd opladen

Maak mobiliteit en opladen onderweg mogelijk met onze draadloze opladers in zakformaat. De powerbank maakt het mogelijk om een paar hoortoestellen drie keer volledig op te laden.

Pure Dry&Clean

Optimale prestaties

Dit is meer dan een lader - het reinigt en droogt de hoortoestellen voor optimale prestaties. Een complete UVC schoonmaakcyclus in maar 15 minuten.


Voor meer
hooroplossingen te gebruiken

Een lader die voor meerdere hooroplossingen geschikt is waaronder Pure Charge&Go IX / T IX 

Future-proof technology

The Pure Charge&Go IX is ready for today and the Bluetooth LE Audio standard.

  • ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids)
  • LE Audio ready*
  • Bluetooth connectivity via streamer
  • Made for iPhone

*Firmware update required

Get connected

Signia Assistant

Meet the Signia Assistant, your customers' smart companion powered by AI technology. This system leverages a live cloud-based Deep Neural Network (DNN) enriched with real-world data to intuitively grasp the wearer's surroundings and customize their hearing aids for ultimate support. 

As a hearing care professional, you can review and fine-tune these adjustments, ensuring each user receives maximum benefit. This also streamlines your appointments, enabling you to prioritize their individual needs.

Meet the Assistant

Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0

Enhance client satisfacton and promote well-being.

Enable your clients to experience heightened own voice comfort with OVP 2.0, ensuring their voice remains natural and crystal clear. You can also empower your clients to track their social interactions through our Signia app's "My WellBeing" feature, offering a distinctive measure of overall hearing health for both you and your clients.

Learn how it works

4 reasons to choose Pure Charge&Go IX

Power through the day

A robust rechargeable battery ensures your clients uninterrupted all-day hearing support. 

Personalized control

An easy-to-use mobile app lets them fine-tune their hearing aids whenever and wherever needed.

Uitgebreide connectiviteit

Ervaar verbeterde connectiviteit met de optionele luisterspoel, geniet van handig handsfree bellen met de iPhone en blijf voorbereid op de toekomst van Bluetooth met LE Audio*.

*Firmware update vereist


Signia Integrated Xperience

Enjoy a new level of clarity and customization with technology designed to adapt to the wearer’s conversational environment in real-time, for a truly personalized hearing experience.

Mis het niet! Unleash the power of conversation met Pure Charge&Go IX.

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*Vergeleken met RealTime Conversation Enhancement uitgeschakeld. Jensen et al. (2023). Power the conversation with Signia Integrated Xperience and RealTime Conversation Enhancement. White Paper

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