How Signia Active Pro redefines hearing aids for brilliant performance

Our game-changing Signia Active Pro defines next level hearing aid style: Prescription audio in the shape of state-of-the-art earbuds to empower wearers to perform at their best and Be Brilliant.

Today’s potential hearing aid buyers with mild to moderate hearing loss expect a lot before they seriously consider purchasing a prescription device to help them hear better again. Not just in terms of audiological performance but also design and wearability.


Members of this new generation with hearing loss don’t feel old – and in fact they aren’t old at all. They want a hearing solution that matches their active lifestyle and can-do attitude, whether they are pushing their limits at the gym, aiming to excel in their work or enjoying an evening in the company of friends. Used to seeing sleek and modern wearables on every high street, they cannot be convinced by conventional hearing aids that only help them when they grow old. We need to offer them a 21st century sound solution that empowers them to perform at their best and Be Brilliant in their second youth.


 Upgrade to the future with Signia Active Pro

Our game-changing Signia Active Pro takes hearing aids to that next level for you: Prescription audio that enhances human performance and enables wearers to Be Brilliant. Signia Active can be put in and taken out of the ears as easily as any earbud. Modern-looking, easy to use and fast to fit, these handy devices mark a whole new category of hearing solutions – for everyone who doesn’t want to wear hearing aids but wants to enjoy hearing everything that’s important to them.


Signia Active Pro combines user-friendly next level hearing aid style, similar to premium consumer audio products, with audiological technologies found in the most advanced hearing aids. This includes Signia Xperience YourSound technology for superior speech understanding in noise, Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls on the go, and portable Li-ion rechargeability for full flexibility and independence with the pocket-sized Signia Active Charger.


Personally tailored sound in a popular design

Bridging the gap between state-of-the-art hearing technology and desirable consumer products, Signia Active Pro and the budget starter version Signia Active are your perfect offer for anyone tempted to look at over-the-counter devices to improve their hearing. The familiar look and feel means other people won’t even recognize them as hearing aids – you see similar-looking buds in almost every ear. Consumer tests show that there is a strong desire for such a solution: Two out of three people would prefer to wear earbuds to hear better instead of the most stylish high-tech hearing aids previously available.*


With the instant-fit Signia Active Pro and Signia Active, you can offer new and existing customers personally tailored prescription audio in the style of state-of-the-art earbuds. Combined with the self-service convenience of the Signia Assistant and TeleCare full remote service, wearers enjoy the best of both worlds: A groundbreaking Bluetooth-enabled Li-ion hearing aid that looks and feels like a high-end wearable.

Find out more on how to gain new customers who simply would not wear traditional hearing aids – join the Signia Active revolution now.

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