Innovative technologies further enhance the outstanding speech clarity of Signia AX hearing aids

The latest innovations from hearing aid pioneer Signia lift the award-winning Augmented Xperience (AX) platform to new heights of outstanding speech clarity.

Giving your clients the best possible hearing experience in your fitting practice can prove easier than in the ever-changing acoustics of real life. They can often find it extremely challenging to hold conversations in noisy environments such as large conference halls or crowded transport hubs.

As your partner for continuous innovation in the field of audiology, Signia has found a way to further enhance the award-winning Augmented Xperience (AX) platform¹ so we can master this real-world challenge comprehensively. Our newly upgraded AX technology offers your clients a hearing experience that is as satisfying in everyday life as it is during their appointment with you. As a result, first-time and experienced wearers are more likely to be satisfied with their hearing aids.

How does Signia AX achieve this level of satisfaction?

Successful hearing relies on the right balance between making speech audible and ensuring that all other sounds are recognizable. Only then can wearers perform at their best. Many environments and situations come with specific challenges. The type of speech, the type of sound, the wearer’s behavior, and each room’s acoustics contribute significantly to the wearer’s ability to hear and perform throughout their day.

Revolutionary split processing

Signia AX bridges all these variables so that wearers hear and perform brilliantly in every situation. It is based on our proven Augmented Focus™ technology, which splits the signal into different streams and processes them independently of each other with dedicated processors. This brings speech closer to the wearer with unprecedented clarity while making the background sound as relevant as ever.

A recent study confirms that Signia AX is the popular choice:

  • 4 times more people prefer AX hearing aids to their previous hearing aid. 
  • 3 out of 4 wearers experience less listening effort with AX than with their previous hearing aid.²

Now, three significant technological advances build on the revolutionary split processing power of Signia AX to deliver an even more powerful Augmented Xperience to hearing aid wearers:


Auto EchoShield

This innovative feature adds a new dimension of automated sound control through real-time analysis of the room acoustics in every situation. The result is an excellent hearing experience everywhere without irritating echoes, boominess or blurred sounds.

It works by analyzing the room acoustics and adapting the signal processing accordingly. Hearing aid wearers enjoy an exquisite listening experience in every room and environment regardless of the quality of the room acoustics. Their experience is comfortable and optimized for increased speech clarity and excellent room perceptions in high and low reverberant environments.

Our Auto EchoShield solution builds on the way Signia AX’s split pathway processing separates speech from background noise. Thanks to real-time room analysis, the room acoustics’ contribution to the background noise is assessed and addressed instantly. The result is seamless hearing in all environments. Auto EchoShield is always active, addressing different kinds of reverberant rooms so that all environments sound just as engaging as they should but not overwhelming.


Own Voice Processing 2.0

A unique feature in the hearing aid industry, this individualized algorithm automatically adjusts the sound of the wearer’s own voice independently from all other voices and sounds. Signia pioneered its original Own Voice Processing (OVP) in order to help hearing aid wearers feel comfortable with the sound of their own voice while wearing hearing aids and thereby accept their new hearing aids more quickly. This is because the wearer’s own voice sometimes sounds different when amplified. 

The patented split processing technology of Signia AX is the perfect framework to take our groundbreaking OVP technology to a whole new level. When the wearers’ own voice is detected via its unique pathway, our newly developed Own Voice Processing 2.0 fully dedicates one processor to handle that signal while the other processor controls the acoustic environment. There is absolutely no need to compromise between the two thanks to Own Voice Processing 2.0.

In this way, the wearer’s own voice sounds even more natural to prevent any distraction. Wearers perceive their own voice as sounding less loud, leading to more enjoyable conversations. This is possible for both closed and open fittings.


Hands Free for iPhone

Our new HandsFree feature lets the hearing aid wearer use their Signia AX hearing aids for hands-free calls via Bluetooth® with their iPhone in different environments – even in noisy ones. This gives them more freedom to combine mobile phone calls with other activities or to listen to music/podcasts via their hearing aids.

By using the split pathway processing of Signia AX, background noise is reduced, allowing the hearing aid wearer to hear clearly what is being said on the phone. And the hearing aid’s built-in microphone lets conversation partners hear the wearer’s voice in high quality.



These exciting new features are available with the full range of Signia AX hearing aids, depending on their performance level.³ With Signia AX, your ability to let your clients perform at their best in all conversations everywhere just became even more brilliant.


¹ CES Innovation Awards 2022 Honoree

² Jensen, Powers, Haag, Lantin, Høydal: Enhancing Real-World Listening and Quality of Life with New Split-Processing Technology (AudiologyOnline, 2021)

³ Auto EchoShield is available at performance level 7. Own Voice Processing 2.0 and HandsFree are available at performance levels 7, 5 and 3. (Insio Charge&Go AX offers Auto EchoShield and HandsFree.)

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