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Leading audiological performance

Our latest hearing innovations offer leading audiological performance in iconic form factors. They combine our proven Signia Xperience YourSound technology built on revolutionary acoustic-motion sensors with Li-ion rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity so your clients always hear what matters, with ease.
Signia Xperience

The perfect fit for perfect fittings

Connexx 9 is the digital hub for our hearing aids. Whether you’re in a consultation, programming hearing aids or offering your customers individual care, Connexx 9 supports you at every step for a fast, efficient, highly intuitive workflow.
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Signia TeleCare

Benefit from our proven remote service for best-in-class trial success.
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Signia Assistant – Your clients' very own hearing companion

Imagine being able to help your clients to Be Brilliant every single step of their hearing journey

outside your office?

Now you can – with the revolutionary Signia Assistant. All your clients need is their Signia Xperience hearing aids and the Signia app.

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Ground-breaking form factors

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How Signia Active Pro redefines hearing aids for brilliant performance

Our game-changing Signia Active Pro defines next level hearing aid style: Prescription audio in the shape of state-of-the-art earbuds to empower wearers to perform at their best and Be Brilliant.
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How our new Signia Motion X lets wearers Be Brilliant

Our new Motion X range of rechargeable BTEs offers the ideal setup for those looking to perform at their very best – from small and sleek to the world’s first true Super Power rechargeable hearing aid
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