Pure 312 X: The New Hearing Aid for Greatest Wearer Satisfaction

In today’s hearing aid market, the RIC 312 has become the standard form factor. This is because it combines appealing design with high hearing performance and easy handling. It is only logical that the latest audiological breakthroughs should be available in such a popular device. To meet this need, Signia introduces its landmark Pure 312 based on the revolutionary Signia Xperience platform.

Signia Xperience provides superior hearing by using the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors to scan and understand the wearer’s environment in greater detail than ever before. The result is the most personal hearing experience, including adjusting to the wearer’s movement for optimally clear sound in every situation and Own Voice Processing (OVP) for a natural-sounding own voice.


The new Pure 312 X from Signia empowers wearers to:

  • Be fully aware of sound in any situation
  • Hear speakers in noise from any direction
  • Understand single or multiple conversation partners even in noise

 New sound, new look: Attract clients with Pure 312 X’s modern lifestyle design

Alongside sound quality, design is an important decision-making factor for anyone looking to buy new hearing aids. The all-new design language of the Pure 312 X reflects the premium quality of its revolutionary sound processing. Its clean and simple shape with controlled lines and rounded ends emphasizes slimness and comfort.


The body is soft and rounded in form for ergonomic comfort on the ear. And new unique metallic colors and finishes add a sublime high-end touch to help attract clients. 


Signia created this new design in collaboration with hearing care professionals and hearing aid wearers to ensure best hearing performance and comfort, ease of use, and attractive looks. 


The integrated rocker switch control has been designed to be easy to locate and operate while being cleanly integrated in the form of the hearing aid, so it is less visible.


The most discreet hearing aid with direct streaming

In addition to its game-changing sound processing and lifestyle-optimized design, the new Pure 312 X also offers top Bluetooth connectivity . This means that wearers can effortlessly stream phone calls, music and high-quality TV audio into this smallest fully featured hearing aid. With Pure 312 X they don’t miss a beat when it comes to keeping up with friends or colleagues, enjoying their favorite records, or staying up to date with the latest Hollywood blockbusters and TV series.


Connectivity also means easy and discreet remote control and TeleCare support in the palm of their hands with the new all-in-one Signia app. It combines all Signia’s existing apps into one unified environment for all the wearer’s needs.


And because it includes Signia TeleCare, it integrates seamlessly into your fitting process, making it easier for your customers to stay in touch with you when they are away from your premises. The result is a faster, more precise fitting process – streamlining your work, satisfying your clients.


The landmark new Pure 312 X hearing aid from Signia is an easy-to-use allrounder RIC device with the advantages of Signia Xperience technology, full connectivity, a long-lasting, exchangeable battery and an optional T-coil-solution. All in a beautiful and appealing new design.


Make sure to contact your Signia sales representative today for more information about the new-look, new-sound Pure 312 X .

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