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The impact of untreated hearing loss is clear – it starts with social isolation, which can lead to depression and ultimately, cognitive decline. During times of social distancing, this not only exacerbates communication challenges, but also risks accelerating the psychological effects of untreated hearing loss. These individuals – whether new consumers or existing patients – need access to and support from you, their hearing care provider (HCP).

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The proven remote audiology solution

With the support of Signia, you can offer an end-to-end remote care solution that includes Signia TeleCare – a comprehensive and proven telehealth platform.

What makes Signia TeleCare unique is that it encompasses all steps of the HCP workflow, including remote activation. As a result, you can delight your patients with the benefit of a professional and personal experience.

In addition, Signia offers remote hearing testing and the Signia app, which gives patients access to an extensive package of guided assistance tools, the opportunity to share valuable feedback during the trial phase, and on-demand Artificial Intelligence (AI) support via the 24/7 Signia Assistant. As the HCP, you have visibility into your patients’ hearing journeys and can maintain personalized communications and monitor post-fitting activities.
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Additional benefits available with the 24/7 Signia Assistant in the Signia app

Our 24/7 Signia Assistant provides your patients with a personal hearing companion. The 24/7 Signia Assistant learns their hearing preferences and applies troubleshooting adjustments, in real time, when you cannot be with them. This tool allows for comprehensive remote-care and support on-demand, while enabling patients to hear what matters most to them.

24/7 Signia Assistant benefits:

  • Innovative AI support effortlessly increases new and experienced hearing aid wearer satisfaction and conversion
  • Complete visibility of the each patient’s preferences and adjustments in Connexx® provides enhanced feedback for easy, precise fine-tuning
  • Enhanced flexibility to personally follow- up based on real-word experiences
  • Frees your time to address complex support needs and engage new consumers
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