Signia Stretta - effective for patients, efficient for you

Signia Stretta key features:

Improved Spatial Awareness

Advanced Feedback Cancellation

Own Voice Processing™ (OVP)

3D Classifier

2.4 GHz Bluetooth for Audio Streaming

Removing barriers to acceptance and usage

Building on the foundations of Contrast, Signia Stretta hearing aids aim to reduce the barriers to patient acceptance and ongoing usage. Own Voice Processing™ (OVP) vastly improves the wearers’ perception of their own voice, making it sound more natural and comfortable to listen to. Alongside this, Advanced Soundscape Processing works to produce excellent spatial awareness – even in noisy environments, so patients can better interact with the world around them.
These features, combined with the ability to remotely fine-tune hearing aid settings, vastly improve patient hearing satisfaction and increase acceptance rates in the critical initial period after fitting – reducing the number of repeat visits and improving overall department efficiency.

OVP - how it works

The natural hearing experience of Signia Stretta is only possible by processing the sound of the hearing aid wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other voices and sounds.

The key to OVP is thanks to the upgraded continuous full-bandwidth binaural link, Ultra HD e2e. It now also powers beam-forming technology to create a precise scanning beam that identifies the individual sound path of the wearer’s voice as it travels to the hearing aids. This level of precision is only possible with this fully integrated silicon microphone network.

Ultra HD e2e enables instantaneous and continuous dynamic own voice detection and patented dual processing of the own voice and the remaining soundscape. Signia Stretta therefore provides the most natural own voice as well as improved speech understanding in noise.

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