What a way to end 2023!

The Association of Independent Hearing Health Professionals (AIHHP), is a professional
association dedicated to promoting excellence within the UK hearing care profession.
Once a year, in November, they hold a conference and exhibition open to Independent
Audiologists and members of AIHHP, which Signia UK always support and attend. A
highlight of the event is the prestigious 'Golden Lobe Awards' - now in their 16th year!

And guess what? - Signia has winning teams in the UK!

The awards are voted on by AIHHP members, so winning the awards is very much a
reflection of what some very influential Independent audiologists think of Signia’s
products and services. As always, these awards are a culmination of team success from
across the UK business, so it's a real accolade for everyone when such awards are won.

Congratulations to the teams!

Signia won three awards:

- Best Rechargeable System of the Year
- Best Marketing Support Team of the Year
- Outstanding Individual Salesperson of the Year (Nathan Proctor)

These awards are something the Signia UK team are very proud of.

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