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TeleCare 2.0 incorporates the following advanced features that further improve remote tuning and patient assistance so you can deliver the gold standard in patient care:

  • Interaction between Connexx 8.3 and the TeleCare portal
  • Optimized patient profile which includes:
    • Satisfaction rating graph with hearing lesson feedback
    • Wearing time, usage details, and device status for Pure 13 BT
    • New 4-band equalizer for enhanced remote tuning
  • New ‘Settings’ menu
  • Bluetooth support (for Pure 13 BT) and remote tuning confirmation in the myHearing app.

1. TeleCare Portal Enhancements

1.1. Interaction with Connexx 8.3

A patient profile can, now, be transferred to the TeleCare portal. This transfer includes patient name, hearing instrument models, and hearing instrument programs.

To link Connexx 8.3 with your TeleCare portal:

  1. Select the door icon (located in the upper right corner)
  2. Enter your TeleCare Login credentials

3. Once the login is successful, Connexx 8.3 is now linked to your TeleCare portal. (Please note: This only needs to be performed once)

To transfer patient profiles from Connexx 8.3 to your TeleCare portal:

  1. Complete your “First Fit’ and select any add any preferred programs in “Program Handling”
  2. Select the cloud/arrow icon (located at the top of your Connexx fitting screen)
  3. A new patient profile will automatically be added to your TeleCare portal. Please note: primax hearing instruments must have the latest firmware update ( or higher). Available in Connexx 8.3.

Note: For follow-up fitting sessions, when you select transfer icon again, the patient profile will automatically be updated.

1.2. Optimized Patient Profile

The new patient profile more clearly separates the core features groups into four dedicated sections:

  • Overview
  • Ratings
  • Messages
  • Remote Tuning

In these sections, you can find the following improvements:


A Wearing time chart, for Pure 13 BT only, shows you the wearing time for each day of the patient journey.


Improved Satisfaction graph which charts the development of your patient’s daily satisfaction rating and now shows the ratings for hearing lessons (indicated by a triangle). This allows you to make an even more accurate assessment of your patient’s overall development with just one quick glimpse.


Usage Details, for Pure 13 BT only, shows how frequently the patient accesses additional programs and the acoustical environments the patient is typically exposed to throughout their day.  Please note: the information displayed is based solely on the data received from the myHearing App and will span a period of 3 days. The myHearing app must be open on the iOS device to read out this information.



The ratings your patients provide are now more accessible by selecting each Module. The emoticons, selected by the patient in the myHearing App, are now displayed in the TeleCare portal.


Details for each rating can be accessed by clicking on a rating.


If your patient is wearing the new Pure 13 BT, you will also be able to view information on the hearing aid status at the time the rating was provided.


Messages are displayed in this section in the same way as before.

Remote Tuning

TeleCare is taking its next major step by introducing the 4-Band Equalizer for advanced remote adjustments, for all primax hearing instruments.  Gain adjustments can be made in +/- 3 dB increments, in four frequency bands.


For added convenience, there are a number of basic tuning options that offer the possibility of modifying Master Gain, Loudness (for speech and own voice), Sound Quality and managing Feedback.

After saving and sending remote tuning adjustments, the status of those changes is now visible.  You can now confirm if those remote tuning adjustments have been applied by the patient.

1.3.  New ‘Settings’ menu

All options to manage your patient’s profile have been moved to a dedicated settings menu in the patient profile’s navigation bar.


It allows you to access the following features:

  • Edit Patient Profile
  • Manage Lessons (moved from the Edit Profile screen)
  • Connect to myHearing
  • Finish Trial
  • Delete Patient

2. Enhancements to the myHearing App

There are two new updates in the myHearing App with TeleCare 2.0: Bluetooth support (for Pure 13 BT) and a new confirmation process when receiving a new remote fine tuning adjustment (for all primax hearing instruments).

2.1. My Hearing Statistics


As long as the patient’s Pure 13 BT device is paired with the patient´s phone and the myHearing app is active, the patient’s mobile device collects data from the patient’s hearing instruments in regular intervals. Bluetooth support is only available for iOS devices.

At any time, the patient can review their wearing time, sound exposure, and listening effort.  This data is made available in an aggregated fashion via the myHearing app in the new “My Hearing Statistics” screen:  My Hearing Aid > My Statistics.

2.1. Confirmation of Remote Tuning Changes

For any remote tuning adjustment, the process of applying the new settings is viewed in a new screen to confirm whether or not the changes were applied successfully.  The wearer will be prompted to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if they heard the confirmation sound.  If the wearer selects ‘No’, the confirmation tone will be sent again.