Woman wearing Styletto IX hearing aids back view

A conversation starter

The ultra-slim Signia Styletto IX

Styletto IX keeps the conversation flowing without compromising on style. Available in various colors, this sleek hearing aid is the refined choice for better hearing.

A hearing aid built for real conversations

Several powerful features are integrated into Styletto IX’s elegant design. Most notably, this hearing aid takes a new approach to keeping up with the conversation.

Styletto IX features Signia’s Integrated Xperience platform with RealTime Conversation Enhancement, a multi-stream architecture capable of accurately pinpointing multiple moving speakers in real time. This technology allows the hearing aid to adapt to enhance speech and reduce background noise, even when conversation partners move or the wearer turns their head.

Signia Integrated Xperience
Woman holding Styletto IX hearing aids

See Signia Integrated Xperience in action

Experience the groundbreaking RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology of Signia Integrated Xperience.

Key features

Signia IX icon

Integrated Xperience

Signia icon for the Signia IX features "RealTime Conversation Enhancement"

RealTime Conversation Enhancement

Signia icon for Augmented Focus feature in Signia IX

Augmented Focus

Signia platform icon - Own Voice Processing

Own Voice Processing 2.0

Signia icon for the AI Digital Assistant

Signia Assistant

Icon for the Signia hearing aid feature "eWindscreen"


Signia icon for Bluetooth streaming feature in hearing aids

Android & iOS connectivity

Signia icon battery for rechargeability

Recharge on-the-go

Signia icon for divers color options for hearing aids

Diverse color options

Signia platform icon - Telephone / HandsFree mode

HandsFree for iOS

Boasts an impressive 4.1 dB SNR improvement over the nearest competitor in a noisy group conversation scenario*

* Jensen NS, Wilson C, Kamkar Parsi H & Taylor B. 2023. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio in group conversations with Signia Integrated Xperience and RealTime Conversation Enhancement. Signia White Paper.

5 reasons to choose Styletto IX

Woman wearing Styletto IX hearing aids back view

Sophisticated style

With seven distinctive colors and an ultra-sleek design
Group of people discussing

Signia Integrated Xperience

This hearing technology is designed to adapt to the wearer’s conversational environment in real time, for a personalized hearing experience.
Woman taking Styletto IX hearing aids out of the charger

Power through the day

The convenience of a rechargeable battery that supports hearing all day. Plus, the portable charging case enables on-the-go charging.
Woman wearing Styletto IX hearing aids an holding a smartphone

Personalized control

An easy-to-use mobile app lets wearers fine-tune their hearing aids whenever and wherever needed.
Woman wearing Styletto IX hearing aids an holding a smartphone

Expanded connectivity

Enjoy Bluetooth streaming for iPhone and Android (ASHA), hands-free calling for iPhone and stay prepared for the future of Bluetooth with LE Audio.*

*Future firmware update required

Future-proof technology

Power on the go

Enable mobility and charging on the go with our pocket-sized Styletto IX Charger. The power bank can fully charge a pair of hearing aids five times before requiring a recharge.
Styletto IX in charger

Styletto IX is ready for today and the Bluetooth LE Audio standard.

  • iPhone (MFi) and Android (ASHA) compatible
  • Bluetooth connectivity via streamer
  • LE Audio ready*

*Future firmware update required

Get connected
Woman wearing Styletto IX hearing aids an holding a smartphone
Woman wearing Styletto IX hearing aids an holding a smartphone

Signia Assistant

Meet the Signia Assistant, your client's smart companion powered by AI technology. This system leverages a live cloud-based Deep Neural Network (DNN) enriched with real-world data to grasp the wearer's surroundings and customize their Styletto hearing aids for ultimate support. 

As a hearing care professional, you can review and fine-tune these adjustments. It’s a smart way to streamline your appointments and prioritize the wearer’s unique needs.

Meet the Signia Assistant

Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0

Give your clients improved own voice comfort with OVP 2.0, a technology that ensures that their voice remains natural and clear. The "My WellBeing" feature in the Signia app also helps wearers track their social interactions and gain insights into their overall hearing health.

Learn how it works
Signia OVP icon

How to handle Styletto IX hearing aids

How to power Styletto IX on and off
How to insert and remove Styletto IX
How to clean Styletto IX
How to charge Styletto IX with the Styletto IX Charger
How to charge the Styletto IX Charger wirelessly
How to charge the Styletto IX Charger with a USB cable
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