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Increase your customer satisfaction by offering a more flexible service.

With TeleCare you achieve higher customer satisfaction by incorporating flexible working options into your workflow. Remote tuning, CareChat (including text message, phone call or video call), and virtual follow-ups allow for more communication and appointment options with your patients during the trial phase.


Benefit from greater trial success.

TeleCare allows you to predict the trial success more precisely as it improves the trial visibility via realistic lessons and daily satisfaction ratings. In that way, you get immediate and real-time feedback in case your patient is not satisfied with the devices so that you can intervene promptly to help him/her.


All patient data in your hand. Safe and TÜV-certified.

TeleCare is an acclaimed solution that you can use without any concern as we provide a certified and reliable system. You can be fully confident that your data is safely secured.


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For you:

Help on the spot, much like a virtual home visit.


1. Rely on the most detailed data for a successful trial.

The ability to monitor indicators such as wearing time, program use, and situation classification allows you to better predict successful outcomes and intervene where neccessary.

  • Tracks patients’ daily satisfaction
  • Enables you to react more precisely

2. Provide the best support with full live remote tuning.

Deliver revolutionary customer care by solving issues remotely after the personal first fitting to keep the trial on track. Current instrument status on program, volume, situation classification and noise level helps you to fine tune the hearing aids optimally in any situation.

  • Reduces interruptions ensuring better trial outcomes
  • Avoids extra visits
  • Doesn’t let simple issues ruin the trial

3. Communicate face-to-face with your customers, wherever they are.

Real-time video calls as well as text and voice CareChat capabilities enable easy and direct communication with your customers.

  • Lowers the barrier to communicate
  • Lets you troubleshoot any problems in the most efficient way
  • Saves you time and appointments

For your customers:

The hearing care professional in the pocket


myHearing App

  • Customized lessons to improve hearing success
  • Daily satisfaction ratings to get immediate feedback
  • Guided assistance to solve the problems on the spot
  • Tutorial videos and explanations
  • Remote control of hearing aids
  • CareChat (text, phone call, video call) function for live communication

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TeleCare FAQs

Mobile devices compatible with the myHearing App:

Apple devices: The myHearing App is compatible with all Apple devices with the iOS version 9.0 and higher.

Android devices: The myHearing App is compatible with most of the Android (Android 5.0 and higher) devices.

For the optimal stability of the app while using it with our Bluetooth hearing aids we recommend using the following Android devices:

 Android Whitelist myHearing
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 8.0 or higher)
    • SM-G960F
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 7.0 or higher)
    • SM-G950F
    • SM-G950U1
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 7.1.1 or higher)
    • SM-N950U1
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 7.0 or higher)
    • SM-G930FD
    • SM-G930V
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Android 7.0 or higher)
    • SM-G935F
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 6.0.1 or higher)
    • SM-G920I
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Android 7.0 or higher)
    • SM-G925F
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android 6.0.1 or higher)
    • SM-G900F
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android 8.0 or higher)
    • SM-A510F
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 (Android 8.0 or higher)
    • SM-A320FL

New phones may be added to this list.