Overview of Smartphone Control of Hearing Aids with the Signia app

Want to deliver better customer satisfaction and increase conversions? Find out how with the Signia app and Signia TeleCare.

Overview of Smartphone Control of Hearing Aids with the Signia app

Signia hearing aids are more than medical devices. As well as offering clear speech understanding in noise and precision volume control, Signia hearing devices use the latest hearing aid technology to deliver a range of advanced features.


Today’s hearing aid wearers require more than exceptional style and increased functionality. Connectivity is key when it comes to wearer acceptance, convenience and independence. As people use an increasing amount of tech on a daily basis, your customer base wants hearing aids which integrate seamlessly into their lives.


The Signia app does just that. With a range of advanced features, including remote control, direct streaming and Signia TeleCare remote support, you can exceed your customers’ expectations with the state-of-the-art Signia app.

Increased control with smartphone connectivity

Most people with hearing loss require varying amplification in different environments. When going from a quiet room to a busy restaurant, for example, hearing aid wearers will often adjust their devices. In fact, the average hearing aid wearer adjusts their device numerous times every day.


The Signia app makes it easier than ever for them to adjust the volume and settings of their hearing device. What’s more – it facilitates complete remote control. The app enables people to modify their custom hearing settings discreetly and unobtrusively.


As well as facilitating remote volume control, the Signia app offers sound balance adjustment too. With an easy-to-use interface, hearing aid wearers of all demographics benefit from the intuitive design and effortless functionality.


The built-in 360° spatial configurator ensures precision adjustments in any setting, while the ability to adjust tinnitus therapy signals offers quick relief to hearing aid wearers with tinnitus. In short, the Signia app makes wearing a hearing aid simple and seamless.

Streaming Connectivity for iPhone and Android Users

At Signia, we understand the importance of catering to your customers’ needs. That’s why we offer dedicated streaming functionality for the two biggest smartphone operating systems. Catering for almost every smartphone user out there, our app and devices work effortlessly with iOS and Android.


Designed for iOS users, Direct Streaming with Signia enables users to connect a range of devices directly to their hearing aids. Similarly, StreamLine Mic is our custom streaming function for Android users. Both options are available via the Signia app, which ensures your entire customer base will be served by one handy app.


Once installed, the Signia app enables users to stream phone calls directly from a smartphone to Signia hearing aids. Using the wearer’s custom settings, the Signia app enhances the audio experience and enables wearers to use the latest tech devices with increased functionality.


However, increased connectivity doesn’t stop there. Users also benefit from direct music and TV streaming with the Signia app. With the StreamLine TV accessory, watching and listening to movies and boxsets is effortless. It sends the audio to the user’s hearing aids so their audio experience is clearer and more personalized than ever before.


Intuitive design and state-of-the-art hearing aid technology automatically pause streaming if the wearer receives a call. This enables people to switch from one device to another in a split-second without any loss of function.


Compatible with every Bluetooth enabled Signia hearing device and an extensive range of Android devices and iPhones, the Signia app meets users’ needs and exceeds them. To find out why your customers will love our app, download it now and sample the Signia app today.

Deliver remote support via Signia TeleCare

Want to boost your business, increase customer engagement and deliver enhanced customer service? Take a look at Signia Telecare.


A personalized and digital service, TeleCare enables you to connect with your clients remotely. With a range of remote support options, you can enable customers to communicate with you via voice or video or via text. This CareChat functionality gives you the option to connect with your customers in between appointments. As well as increasing customer satisfaction, this enables you to grow your practice.


Studies have shown TeleCare increases conversions by more than 10%, which makes it a must-have feature for hearing care professionals who want to meet customer demand and increase revenue. Daily satisfaction ratings and feedback enable clients to monitor their hearing experiences and give you the opportunity to enhance their satisfaction quickly.


As well as interacting with clients directly via the Signia app, TeleCare facilitates remote tuning too. This means you can make adjustments to wearers’ devices remotely with your Connexx fitting software and increase convenience for your customer base. Take a proactive approach to client satisfaction via daily satisfaction ratings and respond to customer queries with remote problem-solving and adjustments.


Available free of charge to both end-users and hearing care professionals, Signia TeleCare can help you to maximize conversions, enhance customer service and deliver exceptional customer care. If you want to see what you’re capable of, try Signia TeleCare now.

Who can use the Signia App?

Anyone! We’ve worked hard to ensure the Signia app is intuitive and user-friendly, which means it’s accessible to every demographic. Compatible with virtually every Signia hearing aid, you’ll find the Signia app offers fantastic connectivity and integration.


What’s more – it’s absolutely FREE to download and use. Available on the App Store® for iPhone users or Google Play™ for Android owners, the Signia app can be downloaded, installed and up and running in seconds.


In addition to this, the Signia app is compatible with an extensive range of smartphones. From the Samsung Galaxy Note to the iPhone 11 Pro Max and almost everything in between, your customers can use the Signia app on their favorite device.


Operational on Android operating systems 5.0 and higher and iOS version 9.3 and higher, customers don’t need the latest smartphones to enjoy the exceptional functionality and features of the Signia app.


Regularly updated with innovative features, the Signia app enhances the auditory experience and increases customer satisfaction.


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