Signia Integrated Xperience (IX) Hearing Aids

A completely new approach to enhancing group conversation in noise. The world's first hearing aid with a multi-stream architecture capable of accurately pinpointing multiple moving speakers in real-time conversations - identifying, enhancing, and tracking the location of multiple conversation partners in real-time, even as they move. 
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Boasts an impressive 4.1 dB SNR improvement over the nearest competitor in a noisy group conversation scenario**


The only custom one-mic hearing aid with binaural directionality. 

  • CIC and IIC models 
  • Advanced clarity
  • Binaural OneMic Directionality 2.0
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NEW! Styletto IX

Keep the conversation flowing without compromising on style. 

  • 11 distinctive colors
  • Newly upgraded
  • Personalized control via app
  • Future-proof connectivity
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Pure Charge&Go T IX

Our ground-breaking Integrated Xperience architecture in a small and sleek RIC device. 

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • T-coil
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Features for your patients 

Being healthy is easier than ever with My WellBeing

Help your patients keep track of their health and use their hearing aids more often with My WellBeing. This addition to the Signia app uses the motion sensors and OVP technology in Integrated Xperience and Augmented Xperience hearing aids to track steps, activity, wear time, and conversations with others.
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HandsFree with CallControl to speak freely anywhere

HandsFree for iOS is easier than ever to use with CallControl! Integrated Xperience and Augmented Xperience hearing aids can now be used to answer calls hands-free by tapping on the hearing aid. 

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Did you know all Signia AX hearing aids boast an IP68 rating

The IP68 rating means these hearing aids are resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes. Signia's AX line also includes the only rechargeable custom hearing aid to have an IP68 rating; the Insio Charge&Go AX.

Signia offers a comprehensive portfolio for Government Services Audiologists

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