Immerse yourself in Crystal Clear Speech, with our latest technology, Signia AX. Reach out to us to find out more! 

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Key Features

  • Industry's most advanced MI antennas to support the full AX audiology:

º e2e wireless 4.0

                º automatic situation detection

                º augmented speech understanding

                º immersive soundscape

  • New Bluetooth connectivity supporting Mfi (iOS) and ASHA (Android)
  • New sleek Signia design language
  • Support of our new Earwear 3.0 system including miniReceivers 3.0
  • Li-Ion rechargeability technology 
  • AI digital Assistant
  • More robust microphone design with hydro- and oleaphobic filters as well as anti-capillary design
  • Updated Signia colour range with two exciting new colours:

º graphite

                º fine gold

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