Introducing Connexx 9

The perfect fit for perfect fittings

New and improved, with a fully re-worked design, Connexx 9 is the digital hub for our hearing aids. Whether you’re in a consultation, programming hearing aids or offering your customers individual care, Connexx 9 supports you at every step for a fast, efficient, highly intuitive workflow.

Connexx with Augmented Xperience

First Fit in Connexx configures Signia AX hearing aids to allow the wearer to hear what is important to him or her. The First Fit settings have been carefully optimized to provide a good starting position for each wearer.

The Dynamic Soundscape Processing (DSP) control in Connexx provides a slider to adjust to your clients’ individual preferences. This slider is now more powerful than ever thanks to our new Augmented Focus™ technology.

For you clients to fully optimize their personal sound in the situations important to them, they can use the Signia Assistant. The Assistant can fine-tune the DSP slider and show you if any changes were made from the initial settings, giving you overall control of your clients’ hearing experience.

A highly intelligent Assistant

Signia Assistant is the smart new way to better adress your clients’ needs. It acts as an extension of yourself so you can see the challenges they experience in their daily life. It also supports them in optimizing their hearing experience with confidence, as 93% of hearing aid wearers say the Signia Assistant boosts their confidence to rely on their hearing aids and lets them feel more in control of their hearing success.*


* Data on file

Discover Signia Assistant

Enhanced details. Improved workflow.

To enhance your workflow, Connexx 9 comes with many features. Working across all Signia platforms and based on user research, mature workflows have been enriched.

Connexx 9 is designed to maximize convenience and offers you an ideal balance of ease-of-use and expert options.

Faster, fluent fitting.

Connexx 9’s parallel programming technology means that you can continue making adjustments while the hearing aids are actively programmed in the background. Thanks to an uninterrupted, more fluent and faster fitting process, you’ll have even more time for personalized customer consultations.

With decades of experience Connexx 9 offers the highest level of audiological performance.

Do not compromise! Get started now with Connexx 9!

Experience Connexx 9
Client management in Connexx 9
Enter an audiogram in Connexx 9
Hearing aid selection with Connexx 9
Perform a First Fit in Connexx 9
Setup Own Voice Processing (OVP) in Connexx 9
Basic Tuning in Connexx 9
Fine Tuning in Connexx 9
Detect hearing aids in Connexx 9
Setup listening programs in Connexx 9
From a monaural to a binaural fitting session with Connexx 9
Fitting two incompatible hearing aids with Connexx 9
Critical Gain Measurement in Connexx 9


ConnexxAir is the wireless programming system for almost all Signia hearing aids equipped with e2e wireless capabilities that are programmable from Connexx 8.3 onwards.

Noahlink Wireless

The industry-standard interface enables completely wireless programming for Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids.
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