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The advantages of TeleCare: Transparency on customer satisfaction in real time.

In the second of our blogposts about the advantages of Signia TeleCare, we take a closer look at the daily satisfaction ratings that the MyHearing App enables you as a Hearing Care Professional to see. By making customer satisfaction transparent in real time, TeleCare provides you with a great tool to identify when additional assistance may be required and when the trial is progressing well, thereby reducing drop-outs and returns and leading to more satisfied customers.

During the trial period, the MyHearing App asks the hearing aid wearer to provide structured feedback on his or her individual listening situations as well as an overall satisfaction rating for each day. These ratings are sent to the TeleCare professional portal that you access from your computer at work, providing valuable insights into your customers’ personal progress.

Now you can see how wearers are getting on with their new devices when they are out in the “real world” in between appointments at your practice. Whereas once this was a blind spot for Hearing Care Professionals, having to wait until the customer returned to find out if they experienced any problems, now you can identify issues and initiate contact or prepare in advance for the next appointment.

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