Signia TeleCare is a revolutionary application designed and built by Hearing Care Professionals to help you set a new standard of care. Read on...

TeleCare: Make your customers happy – wherever they are, wherever you are.

TeleCare combined with Signia primax hearing aids delivers a revolutionary new power to you as Hearing Care Professional: remote tuning. In the fourth blog in our series on the advantages of TeleCare, we outline the key advantage of using TeleCare in conjunction with any primax hearing aid, including our inductively charged Cellion RIC and our ready-to-wear Silk CIC that fits in almost any ear thanks to its innovative Click Sleeves.

Signia TeleLink
Via our Signia TeleLink technology, you have the ability to change selected parameters such as volume in your customers’ hearing aids without the need for them to visit your practice. Simply contact them via CareChat (see our previous blog on TeleCare) to ensure their hearing aids are switched on and then apply the setting changes in the TeleCare professional portal. When you save the new settings, they are sent to your customer’s phone, from where he or she can apply them to their hearing aids thanks to Signia TeleLink.

This breakthrough innovation greatly improves the speed and convenience of minor adjustments. It thereby helps you to minimize disruptions in the initial adoption period and avoid extra visits to your clinic, which are usually much more time-consuming.

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