Signia Styletto is designed for modern users and offers a fresh new experience for anyone with hearing loss. It isn't just a hearing aid, it's HEARWEAR™.


Signia Styletto: The Stylish Choice

Fashion isn't just limited to clothing and jewelry. Similarly to stylishly designed glasses, Signia Styletto appeals to the modern wearer, offering a fresh new experience for anyone with hearing loss.

Fashion isn’t just limited to clothing and jewelry. Similarly to stylishly designed glasses, Signia Styletto appeals to the modern wearer, offering a fresh new experience for anyone with hearing loss.

Hearwear: Function Made Fashionable

Hearing aids as fashion pieces isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that’s largely unexplored. When choosing between performance and aesthetic, companies and consumers alike lean towards practical models. However, Signia has managed to combine both in their newest design. Styletto hearing aids are the definition of hearwear; they’re stylish accessories that offer fashion and functionality in the same breath.

Personal style is a big factor when choosing accessories. We dress and accessorize ourselves according to our preferences. We also expect medical products like a pair of glasses to be in line with our style preferences. So why should choosing a hearing aid be any different? Styletto hearing aids are tailored to their wearer in a way that’s never been seen before. Three different color palettes, a sleek and easy-to-wear design, and a natural hearing experience make these devices unique.

The Purpose of Styletto

Nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss don’t yet wear a hearing aid (link: https://www.audiologyonline.com/articles/20q-interventional-audiology-17080). As a provider, Signia aims to design hearing aids that fit into the lives of those who need them. Many hard-of-hearing people prefer not to use hearing aids because of how they look and feel. The available models don’t conform with their own image of themselves and their lifestyle, and they might find them uncomfortable.

Styletto hearing aids are built to challenge that. For trendsetters and travelers, Styletto offers an entirely new way of self-expression. Contemporary color styles like snow white and rose gold give these hearing aids an elegant look, one that can even match earrings and cuffs. For those previously deterred by the aesthetic aspects of hearing aids, the Styletto model offers a fresh, new option. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable with their appearance, and Styletto from Signia makes this a reality for the hard-of-hearing.

A New Avenue for Consumers

As the technology behind hearing aids has reached new heights, Signia focuses on combining these invisible advantages with the visible advantages of cutting edge design. With wireless rechargeability, convenient handling and a natural hearing experience, there’s a lot to love on the inside. Styletto combines this with aesthetic vision to create a beautiful product that everyone can enjoy.

To attract new customers and appeal to existing clientele, Signia has designed a piece of hearwear that can appeal to anyone. With snow white/rose gold, granite/silver, and cosmic blue/rose gold to choose from, consumers can pick a color scheme that fits their preferences. Combined with the best audiological technology Signia has to offer, these hearing aids open up a new avenue for consumers to explore.

The Proven Appeal of Signia Styletto

More than eight out of 10 potential buyers prefer a Signia portfolio that includes Styletto, according to a recent consumer study.[1] This shows that Styletto is a powerful product. Existing hearing aid wearers see Styletto hearing aids as compelling upgrades to their current models. Presented to those who have never used hearing aids before, Styletto is an attractive alternative to the conventional shape of hearing aids.

Whether attracting new buyers or tempting an audience that’s already there, Styletto from Signia is a strong force for any portfolio. Its iconic look and recognizable design makes it a unique addition.

For you as a hearing care professional, Styletto is a powerful way to attract new and existing customers and convert them into satisfied hearing aid wearers. For people with hearing loss, it’s a chance at self-expression and convenience.

[1] Signia consumer study 2018: When presented with a choice, 84% of respondents chose an offering with Styletto.