Audiologist working with Unity 4 fitting unit

Unity 4
Modern aesthetics and compact elegance

The Unity 4 fitting unit boasts a remarkably reduced physical footprint, showcasing our revolutionary stackable design.
Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and space-saving elegance.

Advanced features

Experience a new era of best practices with our revolutionary audiometer and fitting unit solution. Offering flexibility through a wired option, our sleek and stackable device seamlessly integrates into any clinic decor, optimizing space while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Get accurate and reliable results for hearing evaluations with the diagnostic audiometer and fitting unit. It is engineered with robust hardware for more accurate results, fewer cords and a more minimalistic design.

With advanced features like portability, precise diagnostic capabilities and wireless compatibility, the audiometer revolutionizes testing and increases efficiency and accuracy. Elevate the consumer experience, enhance workflow, and confidently deliver superior care with our hearing assessment and fitting unit.
Audiologist and patient with Unity 4 fitting unit

Clinical audiometer and fitting unit - one for all

The audiometer and fitting unit features a contemporary design in an elegant aluminum look that blends perfectly with a modern and clean office design. It is built and rigorously tested for stability and robustness. Its small size and reduced cable connectors make it fully portable and easy to set up, including for home visits.

The integrated two-channel power amplifier can drive high-efficiency speakers for sound field testing. Alternatively, two powered speakers can be connected to the line out connector, or the calibrated audiometer output signals can be routed to an external multi-channel receiver via the S/PDiff optical output. 

The Unity 4 audiometer offers pure tone testing with air and bone conduction, which is supported by a masking assistant that guides the operator. Threshold measurement can also be performed automatically using the Hughson-Westlake method.

For speech testing a wide range of recorded test material is supported for many languages. Live voice speech testing can also be performed.

Patient response button offers unmatched convenience

The newly designed patient response button offers the patient reliable haptic feedback when pressed. Its comfortable shape means it can be operated for longer periods without fatigue. Made of the same attractive material as the fitting unit it is easy to clean and ideal for everyday clinical use.

Hearing aid testing

Our current hearing instrument test box integrates seamlessly with the Unity 4 fitting unit using the supplied mounting kit. 

This combination provides all you need to test, fit and verify hearing aids, regardless of manufacturer. The test box provides high ambient sound protection to work in normal office environments. The ability to monitor output signals and battery consumption over time, as well as perform free-style tests, provides an excellent set of tools for hearing aid service and maintenance. The system complies with IEC and ANSI industrial standards and is fully Noah compatible.


Available software modules

Unity 4 audiometer and patient

Unity 4 video tutorials

Learn how easy is to use the Unity 4 for diagnostic and hearing aid fitting.
Unity 4 YouTube channel

For more information and technical data please download our Unity 4 brochure


The Unity 4 audiometer is a Class I audiometer suited for advanced diagnostic measurements. Since it is a PC-based audiometer, it can also be easily configured for screening and simpler audiometry setups.

The Unity 4 audiometer is fully featured, extremely compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and set up. The PMM (Probe Mic Measurement) speaker is designed to be stacked on top of the audiometer, to save further space. The Unity 4 audiometer will feature wireless PMM probes to untangle both clinics and patients, and when fully launched, also the audiometry transducers will be wireless*. The system has built-in quality assessment, helping the hearing care professional in every-day measurements. Valuable data is being collected for statistics and reporting, to help hearing care professionals optimize their day-to-day work.
*Wireless probes purchased separately, and will be available from Q3 2024
The Unity 4 audiometer is one of the smallest fully featured, diagnostic Class I audiometers on the market. With wireless PMM functionality it will be a one-of-a kind audiometer. Furthermore, the measurement quality assessment functionality and data collection sets Unity 4 apart from other options in the industry.
The Unity audiometer can measure Pure Tone Audiometry up to 16 kHz with HF headphones and up to 8kHz with the standard headphones.
We offer a full collections of videos (watch on youtube) to get you started with the Unity 4 audiometer and use in the most optimal way. 
A hearing test takes between 10-20 minutes, depending on how many frequencies that are tested. A PMM takes about 5-10 minutes for an experienced professional.
The Unity 4 audiometer is suitable for both adults and children that are old enough to take a hearing test.
If configured so, the Unity 4 audiometer connects to the Auditdata cloud and uploads vital clinical data and hardware configurations. It also interfaces with Noah.

The transducers should be calibrated every year. This can be done either by your local calibration service or by the Swap Calibration Service, which we offer on request. The Swap calibration service reduces downtime to a minimum as the freshly calibrated replacement transducer is shipped and can simply be plugged into the audiometer to start working. The uncalibrated transducer is returned in the same shipping carton. A return label is included in the box.

We offer three years warranty on Unity 4 audiometers and three months warranty on transducers, from the time of first use.
The Unity 4 audiometer meets all relevant standards. Find a list of standards in the technical data section of the Unity 4 brochure. You can download it here.
We aim to update software twice a year, to continuously be able to offer new, valuable functionality, as well as bug fixes.
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