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74% of TeleCare professionals use the tool for closer contact with their patients and to offer them a better service.*

Higher satisfaction

7 out of 10 TeleCare professionals strongly agree that TeleCare increases patient satisfaction.**

Higher acceptance

Patients fitted with TeleCare have a 19% higher acceptance rate than patients fitted without TeleCare.***

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*Sivantos survey 2019
**Article, Gisele Munhoes dos Santos, Ph.D. 2019: Achieving Excellence In Customer Service with TeleCare
***Article, Matthias Froehlich, PhD,Eric Branda, AuD, PhD,Dirk Apel, BS, 2020: User Engagement with Signia TeleCare: A Way to Facilitate Hearing Aid Acceptance

How to work with TeleCare

How to register in TeleCare Portal
How to activate your patients for TeleCare
How to perform full live remote tuning via Connexx
How to perform basic remote tuning via TeleCare Portal
Patient communication and monitoring via TeleCare
How to set up an organization in the TeleCare Portal

FAQs TeleCare

  • Your patients' Signia hearing aids should be compatible with TeleCare. Please note that TeleCare is compatible with the full Signia hearing aid portfolio.
  • Your patients' smartphones should be compatible with the Signia app. Please check the Signia app website for the list of the compatible devices.
  • A headset is needed for voice calls and additionally a webcam if you would like to make video calls.
The easy and intuitive setup process enable you to activate TeleCare within few minutes. Please follow the steps described in our Quick Guide.
Yes. With TeleCare, we currently offer you the full range of the available feature set completely free of charge.

The data of your practice and your patients are completely safe. We have multiple certifications and are in conformity with General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Moreover, the Telecare Portal is TRUSTe- certified. Signia has no access to your personal data.

The TeleCare Portal and all data related to it is stored on servers provided by Microsoft Azure. Access to these systems is highly restricted and controlled. Any access is logged and documented for audit purposes. Communication between HCP browser sessions or patient devices and the web servers is also secured and encrypted (with HTTPS).

We are providing the highest data security and privacy. All data and all communication between the TeleCare Portal and the app on your patients' smartphones are encrypted. Access to the TeleCare Portal is protected by a password for every employee in your practice. You and your patients can be fully confident about data security.

Technical requirements and prerequisites to use TeleCare and full-life remote fine-tuning:

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