Service Excellence

We understand how important every single order is to you and your patients – and how any delay can be detrimental. That’s why we are laser focused on improving order fulfillment accuracy and reducing delivery time. We handle each order as efficiently and professionally as possible for new orders and repairs alike.

Step inside our Americas Manufacturing & Distribution Center

Get a tour of our new 95,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that staffs over 600 trained professionals who deliver Service Excellence in every order.

Introducing Order Delight

Signia is excited to bring you an elevated ordering process with a series of ordering, packaging, and communication updates to bring you Order Delight. 

Save time with our newest ordering enhancements

Receive your hearing aids assembled

Your time is valuable. Now, you can select 'Deliver Hearing Aid(s) Assembled' at checkout to have your receivers assembled to your order. These pre-assembled hearing aids will give you more time to spend with your patients rather than putting together hearing aids. 


Get estimated shipping times*

When you check out, you can now view your expected shipment delivery. This date is based on our average times, giving you and your patients a more reliable schedule to plan fittings around. 

View earmold shell types

An earmold shell type quick reference guide is there to support you! You can download this guide to keep on your desktop or select 'View Shell Types' when configuring RIC hearing devices within mySignia. With the confidence that you and your patient are satisfied with the shell type selected, you can expect fewer returns.


See estimated shipping date

See your estimated shipping date at a glance on the updated 'My Orders' page! You will be alerted of change in order status if there is delay longer than the estimated shipping date. 

Check stock availability

You no longer need to wonder if a product is in stock. Now, while browsing products, the indicator will identify the item stock level as: Currently out of stock, please contact customer service to confirm availability.

Order receiver replacements on mySignia

Replacing items under warranty is easier than ever. You can place in-warranty receiver replacements online via mySignia. The system will automatically update the allowed quantity per hearing aid serial number based on the hearing aid warranty.  

View shipping info on 'My Orders'

Track your order with ease by clicking directly on the parcel icon in the 'My Orders' page. It will take you to the Freight Forwarder tracking site which will have the dates and latest status of delivery. 

Overall, these new processes and commitments are part of our goal to do everything we can to help you operate more efficiently – and achieve optimal patient outcomes. From creating a better fit to ensuring timely and accurate delivery, we make it our business to go above and beyond for you, and your patients.

Our commitment to Service Excellence can also be seen via mySignia, where you can easily place and track orders, manage your account, find educational resources, and more!

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