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Signia regularly introduces new hearing innovations designed to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss. With over 140 years of experience and innovations with many of the world's first — including the first inductive rechargeable, first SlimRIC, and the first with two processors — Signia invests significantly each year on research and development to ensure we deliver the best products possible. 

From sleek and stylish, to flexible and durable, Signia offers a wide range of high-performing hearing aids loaded with features to help your patients enhance their performance all day, every day.

Signia's Research and Development team gives you the latest in audiological technology.

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A completely new approach to enhancing group conversation in noise. The world's first hearing aid with a multi-stream architecture capable of accurately pinpointing multiple moving speakers in real-time – fluidly adapting to enhance their speech and reduce background noise, even when they move around. RealTime Conversation Enhancement* uses a revolutionary, three-stage process to analyze, augment, and adapt to the conversation. Explore why 95% of wearers showed improved performance in a group conversation scenario** and how Signia IX technology can help your patients. 

Styletto IX

A hearing aid that blends advanced technology in a sleek, stylish and comfortable design with a battery that can last a full day.
Discover Styletto IX


Our smallest and most discreet custom device ever, and it’s the only custom one-microphone device to offer the benefit of directionality for listening in noise.
Discover Insio IX IIC/CIC

Pure Charge&Go IX

Our ground-breaking Integrated Xperience architecture in a small and sleek RIC device. Rechargeable battery, easy-to-use mobile apps and T-coil option. The Pure Charge&Go IX is ready for today and the Bluetooth LE Audio standard. 

Discover Pure Charge&Go IX

Silk Charge&Go IX

The world's only CIC with Binaural OneMic Directionality, now rechargeable. Silk Charge&Go IX’s small, subtle design effortlessly merges into your patient's daily routine, allowing them to hear clearly without drawing attention to their hearing aid. They are ready-to-wear, have wireless charging (Qi), speech stabilizer and has a user-friendly app. 
Discover Silk Charge&Go IX

Audiological Innovations

RealTime Conversation

RealTime Conversation Enhancement*, a multi-stream architecture capable of accurately pinpointing multiple moving speakers in real time. 

Own Voice Processing 2.0

Separate the wearer's own voice from other speech and noise, increasing first-fit acceptance to 80%.

Auto EchoShield

Automatically reduces the effect of reverberations and sudden loud noises in reverberant environments, resulting in better speech clarity, less listening effort, and better room perception.

24/7 Signia Assistant

Via the Signia app, offers wearers instant 24/7 troubleshooting and customized sound adjustments via an intuitive AI-enabled chat. Adjustment details provided in Connexx.

Direct streaming

Direct streaming for both iOS and ASHA-compatible Android smartphones with HandsFree for iOS.

True binaural hearing

More binaural audio data than ever, ensuring clearer speech processing and high-precision directional awareness.

Increased dynamic range 

Analog input stage can handle signals up to 117dB with great sound quality.

TruEar 360

Mic mode that better reproduces the natural pinna-effect better than ever.

Enhanced feedback cancelation 

Remove more artifacts from both ears for a smoother overall sound experience.

Tinnitus Treatments

Signia offers the world's first Notch Therapy in a hearing aid as well as traditional sound therapy signals. It's even possible to combine the two approaches. Unlike traditional sound therapy, which introduces another acoustic stimulus to the patient, Notch Therapy is inaudible and works in the background to relieve the annoyance of tinnitus. Overall, Signia's tinnitus treatments lead to improvement in the areas of thoughts and emotions, with positive results in sleep and concentration as well.**   

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*RealTime Conversation Enhancement is not available in all styles.

**why 95% of wearers showed improved performance in a group conversation scenario. See claims data.

***Tyler RS, Perreau A, Powers T, et al. Tinnitus sound therapy trial shows effectiveness for those with tinnitus. J Am Acad Audiol 2020; 31: 6–16.

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