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  • Nashville, Tennessee | September 7-9, 2022
  • Las Vegas, Nevada | October 26-28, 2022
  • New York City, New York | November 30 - December 2, 2022
  • Key Largo, Florida | January 11-13, 2023 

CEU Courses

Signia Government Services: November 2021 Contract Launch Event 

What if there was a rechargeable custom hearing aid with contactless charging and Bluetooth® streaming – to both iOS and Android™? That vision will soon be a reality thanks

to the new Insio Charge&Go AX from Signia!
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Signia Government Services: May 2021 Contract Update (1 CEU)

The May 2021 contract brings a diverse product line up to enhance human performance. Signia’s Xperience platform expands to bring you the first rechargeable Super Power BTE and additional rechargeable BTEs. Join us to learn about the Signia portfolio created to address individual needs.
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Signia Government Services: Connexx 9.5 Fitting Software Tour (1 CEU)

The Connexx fitting software is used to program all Signia hearing aids and to personalize the fitting experience. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the Signia fitting software.
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The Motion X Family for Government Services (.5 CEU)

The new rechargeable Motion products on the Xperience

platform are available at 3 power levels, including the

Motion SP BTE with 61 hours of wear time. Learn about the

innovations that were developed to meet your patient’s


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Xperience Signia’s New CROS Solution (1 CEU)

Signia is providing benchmark technology solutions for wearers with single-sided deafness. Learn about our CROS solutions including the latest CROS X utilizing YourSound technology and motion sensors which deliver the right amount of listening support for every situation, even when the wearer is moving.
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Tinnitus Management and Patient-Centered Care (1 CEU)

This presentation will share the basics for incorporating tinnitus management into your practice. The wide array of Signia tinnitus therapy features available as well as an overview of the therapy protocols, counseling strategies and outcome measures will be explored.
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QuickTip Courses

GS QuickTips: EarWear 3.0 for Government Services

EarWear 3.0 provides improved cosmetics, retention, and comfort for our Motion Charge&Go X Family. Learn the specifics of the new ThinTube design and associated Tips & Earmolds. Discover how EarWear 3.0 can enhance human performance for you and your patients!
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Signia QuickTips: InSituGram Feature in Connexx Fitting Software

InSituGram, an optional feature in the Connex fitting software, is used to establish hearing levels with the hearing aid in place. The InSituGram considers the individual acoustics of the patient’s ear canal as well as any venting effects when wearing the hearing aid. Learn how to use this feature for inperson or remote adjustments.
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Signia QuickTips: Frequency Compression Revisited

Frequency compression, an optional feature for your hearing aid fittings, is designed to help restore audibility of high frequency sounds. Learn why and how this feature can be used in the Connexx 9 fitting software.
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Signia QuickTips: StreamLine TV & StreamLine Mic

Streaming accessories can enhance the overall hearing aid fitting. Understand the “what”, “why” and “how” of these two optional accessories when fitting Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.
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GS QuickTips: Signia Active Pro for Government Services

Signia Active Pro X, a hearing aid that looks like an earbud, focuses on individuals who are interested in improving their communication and are concerned about the stigma associated with hearing aids. Learn how this product can expand fitting options for your patients who need occasional or full-time hearing aid support.
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Signia QuickTips: A Connexx Scavenger Hunt

Connexx is more than a fitting software. Connexx provides online links to data sheets, product features, platform features and more! Learn how to find information and improve your clinic workflow.
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Signia Quick Tips: Introducing the Pure Charge&Go X

The new Pure Charge&Go on the Xperience platform is 16% smaller than our previous Pure Charge&Go! Learn about this sleek, rechargeable hearing aid with advanced Bluetooth® streaming.
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Signia Quick Tips: Understanding Dynamic Soundscape Processing in Connexx 9

Explore the processing power of YourSound Technology and the flexible options available within the Dynamic Soundscape Processing tab in the Connexx fitting software.
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Signia Quick Tips: New Inductive Charger II for Charge&Go by Signia

Pure Charge&Go X comes with a new inductive charger that features a charger lid to protect the hearing aids. Its smart design also accommodates custom molds. A fast-charging option, a drying function via inductive charging, and intuitive left and right LEDs for status information complete this next generation charger. This session will provide a quick overview of the design and function of the new Inductive Charger II.
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Signia Quick Tips: Understanding Own Voice Processing in Connexx 9

Learn to deliver a natural sounding own voice for the wearer using the OVP feature in Connexx 9.
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Signia Quick Tips: Introducing Pure 312 X T with Integrated Telecoil for Government Services

Introducing Pure 312 X T, now with an integrated telecoil! Powered by YourSound technology, this sleek and discreet hearing instrument delivers personalized hearing with the convenience of telecoil functionality for use with conventional telephones and/or looped environments. Discover which telecoil-program option would best meet your patient’s hearing needs.
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Join Dr. Brian Taylor

Signia Podcast Series: Evidence-based Interventions for Adults with Severe-Profound Hearing Loss

It is estimated that about 10% of adults with hearing loss are in the severe to profound range. Although cochlear implant candidacy requirements have recently expanded, most of the individuals with severe and profound hearing loss still depend on traditional hearing aids for day-to-day communication. This course will examine non-implantable interventions for adults with severe-profound hearing loss.
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Signia Podcast Series: Evidence-based Interventions for Individuals with Subclinical Hearing Loss

Historically, adults with normal hearing thresholds have not been candidates for traditional hearing devices, even though a sizeable number of individuals in this group selfreport communication difficulties. This course will review the emerging research that shows the linkage between subclinical hearing loss and other conditions such as cognitive decline and depressive symptoms. Additionally, the course will review emerging intervention strategies that hearing care professionals can recommend for this group.
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