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Signia AX is better than ever

Signia is providing a Brilliant Fit with new hearing aid levels, upgraded capabilities, and more. 
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New Enhancements Available Now

A firmware update is available on Connexx 9.9, activating new features for new and existing AX devices.

Upgraded eWindScreen Sound Demo
Connexx 9.9 is now available for electronic installation through the Update Manager & full download from mySignia. We recommend updating to the latest version of Connexx fitting software and hearing aid firmware to ensure optimal performance of hearing aids as well as having access to the most up-to-date features. The firmware update will take approximately three minutes and is recommended for all AX devices.
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Upgraded eWindScreen

Levels 2AX – 7AX

Your patients can say goodbye to wind interference and hello to easier conversations outdoors with our upgraded eWindScreen. This update enhances the existing Wind Noise Canceller to react smarter and faster to fluctuating wind noise.
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Improved AX Soundscape Processing

Levels 3AX – 7AX

Help your patients hear what matters to them. Improved AX Soundscape Processing now leverages Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0 to provide optimal processing of not only the wearer’s own voice but of the entire sound environment, allowing wearers to engage better in challenging sound environments. 

An upgraded Augmented Xperience (AX)

Signia Delivers a Brilliant Fit for your patients and your practice through our Innovative Solutions.

  • Levels 1 and 2 are now available for all Signia AX hearing aids. This means more people than ever can benefit from Augmented Focus split-processing technology at more price points.
  • An upgraded eWindScreen capability and improved AX Soundscape Processing coming soon will make it easier to hear what others are saying in more complex listening conditions.
  • Plus, an innovative Multi Charger is coming in summer 2023! 
Signia AX hearing aids pictured from left to right: Insio Charge&Go AX, Pure Charge&Go AX, Pure 312 AX, Styletto AX

Order 1AX and 2AX levels now and get an upgraded charger!

For a limited time, new 1AX and 2AX orders will receive the Standard Charger as a free upgrade! Starting this summer, the new Multi Charger will be the default for all Pure Charge&Go 1AX and 2AX orders. Find promo details here.

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Coming Soon: Multi Charger

Available in Summer 2023

The Multi Charger will be your new favorite accessory in your office and for your patients on the go. Once available this summer, the Multi Charger will come standard with Pure Charge&Go 1AX and 2AX level devices. Our most diverse charger to date, it is compatible with the following devices: 

  • Motion X, P X, SP X
  • Active X, Active Pro X
  • Pure Charge&Go AX
Signia Multi Charger with red wave background

Visit our new headquarters

We’ve upgraded to a new headquarters in Iselin, NJ, and can’t wait to have you there! Jacsy Becerra of South Florida ENT Associates is the winner of our “Signia Delivers a Brilliant Fit” contest. Jacsy will travel to NYC and meet with members of our executive team for a special sound demonstration.

*See details and terms and conditions here.

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