EarWear 3.0 from Signia offers a higher physical fit rate, improved cosmetics and better retention of hearing aids

Our versatile new EarWear 3.0 range offers a higher physical fit rate, improved cosmetics and better retention. Earwear 3.0 is suitable for the vast majority of ear anatomies and hearing needs.

Softer eartips and smaller receivers allow deeper insertion at high comfort, even into small ear canals. This results in a higher physical fit rate. EarWear 3.0 is also cosmetically appealing, because the improved cable/tube bending and in-ear position ensures a closer fit on the ear. This means it is less visible. Every variant is available in the lengths 0-4.

Better retention

The special bending of the cable/tube and its outlet locks the acoustic coupling reliably into the ear canal. With no lateral migration and no need for an anchor, your clients enjoy better retention of their hearing aids.


In addition, our sleeve portfolio has been extended by a Power option. This ensures optimal acoustical coupling also for severe hearing losses. The new sleeves are compatible with ThinTube 3.0 and miniReceiver 3.0.

Smaller hearing aids

The introduction of a substantially smaller plug with EarWear 3.0 allows for smaller RIC designs overall, such as the new Pure Charge&Go AX and Pure Charge&Go T AX hearing aids on our groundbreaking Augmented Xperience platform. In addition, the improved interface makes the new eartips and sleeves much easier for consumers to exchange, compared to click-domes.


All Earwear 3.0 items can be used together. The new miniReceiver 3.0 and ThinTube 3.0 use the same eartips and sleeves for maximum simplicity and the same cable/tube geometry for best cosmetics. Our new 1.4mm-width PowerTube also delivers a cosmetically appealing solution for more severe degrees of hearing loss.

Starter kits made for you

Specially assembled starter kits are available for each solution: Eartips 3.0, ThinTube 3.0, and miniReceiver 3.0. Each kit includes specific items required for that type of EarWear 3.0. These include a measurement gauge to ensure a perfect match for miniReceivers and ThinTubes, a matchbook containing 8 Wax Guard 3.0 NanoCare, a 10-pack of new one-size-fits-all Concha Locks 3.0, an optional tool for exchanging eartips, and a tool to press out the receiver from a custom eartip.


Together with the starter kit(s) of your choice, you also receive instruction manuals on how to use EarWear 3.0, covering everything from eartips and sleeves to attaching or removing ThinTubes or miniReceivers to exchanging earmolds or WaxGuards.


Click here for more information, including which types of EarWear 3.0 are compatible with which Signia hearing aids.

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