Hearing Loss Study Highlights Need for More Follow-Up Support

A new study reveals that there is a need for more follow-up support for hearing aid wearers regarding hearing loss and hearing aid use. Signia TeleCare provides the tools for Hearing Care Professionals to do exactly this.

“It is important that users are provided with sufficient information pre-fitting so that they know what to expect from their hearing aids, and with sufficient support post fitting to enable them to manipulate and manage their aids to provide maximum benefit.” This is one of the conclusions of a new report on hearing loss by researcher Bridget Shield. Technology alone does not guarantee adult aural rehabilitation, the report warns. Hearing aid wearers need to understand the benefits of hearing aids and how to maintain and operate them effectively.

Getting used to new hearing aids is a complex process which represents a significant challenge both to your clients and you as the Hearing Care Professional (HCP) in whom they place their trust. While using their hearing aids they might face difficulties, requiring quick support. Today’s consumers increasingly use technology in their daily life. From email to apps, tech innovations make life simpler, faster, and better. And there is an advanced proven technology to make hearing care simpler, faster and better as well. This solution connects you with your clients remotely and in real-time, covering their whole journey of getting used to wearing their new hearing aids. It starts as soon as they enter your business for the first time and continues beyond a successful sale to build a lasting relationship that can generate more sales in the future.

Signia TeleCare - Experience proven tele-audiology

Signia TeleCare is the connected technology that increases business success by turning patients with hearing loss into satisfied customers. Since its launch in 2016, thousands of HCPs and patients around the world have enjoyed the benefits of TeleCare:

  • TeleCare enables you to predict the success of each individual patient’s trial and provide flexible remote services to suit your timetable.
  • TeleCare reduces your workload via your clients’ myHearing smartphone app. This app provides useful self-help information for many issues during the trial phase.
  • Signia’s high data security allows you to allay any privacy concerns when offering this leading solution to your clients.

From their first visit to your business until the closing of the sale, your clients’ journey consists of the following main steps:

  1. Appointment preparation: The phase where your client first comes into the shop or clinic and asks for an appointment.
  2. First appointment: The phase of extensive counseling resulting in your recommendation of a specific hearing aid for your client.
  3. Trial phase: Your client tries the hearing aid. This is the most important step of the journey where he or she decides whether or not to buy a hearing aid.
  4. Follow-up: The follow-up consultation is the phase where the sale can be finalized.
  5. Aftercare: In the aftercare phase, your client continues to stay in contact with you in case he or she has individual issues that need to be solved. In addition, you can inform them of new technologies and solutions that you can offer.

Regard this as your main workflow which starts the moment a potential client enters your business. This workflow tends to be cyclical, i.e. in the aftercare phase a new product may be offered and this brings us back to the first step.

In order to end up with a successful sale, we recommend that you follow these important steps: understand each client’s specific needs, monitor his or her satisfaction throughout the trial phase closely, and solve his or her problems quickly and proactively.

Signia TeleCare provides you with the necessary tools for every step of your workflow, adding more flexible working and better monitoring options. In this way, you enjoy greater transparency during the entire client journey and ensure more successful hearing aid trials.

Enjoy best-in-class trial success

Hearing aid wearers can rate their hearing experience daily with the help of realistic listening exercises and provide valuable feedback on how satisfied they are with their new hearing aids via the intuitive myHearing app. Using TeleCare, you can communicate with them wherever they are via chat or video call. Like a virtual home visit, remote tuning allows you to address any issues on the spot so that they do not develop into bigger problems that could threaten a successful trial.

TeleCare’s integration into the proven Connexx fitting software offers you all the possibilities of remote adjustments in your usual working environment. With the push of a button, you can transfer all the settings into your client’s Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Customers will be impressed by your modern flexible service. After the first trial week, for example, you can offer an online post-fitting appointment and provide your client with personal support, no matter where he or she might be.

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