Insio Charge&Go AX are the first custom hearing aids with contactless charging and Bluetooth

Tailor-made to suit each wearer’s individual ear anatomy, these custom devices’ slightly smaller design offers all-day comfort. They also provide state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iOS devices.

In another innovation milestone from Signia for the hearing care industry, the new rechargeable Insio Charge&Go AX ITC and ITE models redefine what custom hearing aids can offer experienced wearers. Tailor-made to suit each wearer’s individual ear anatomy, these custom devices’ slightly smaller design offers a fitting rate up to 10% higher than previous models and all-day comfort.

Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids are built on our leading-edge Augmented Xperience platform to deliver outstanding speech clarity in an immersive environment. They even include a motion sensor to adapt their sound optimally to the wearer’s situation by detecting if they are moving or stationary.

Never miss a word with Insio Charge&Go AX

Augmented Xperience changes the way your clients hear the world. Instead of them having to strain to discern speech from background noise, Augmented Focus processes the two separately and creates a clear contrast. It then recombines them for outstanding speech clarity. As a result, 100% of participants in a recent study reported excellent speech understanding in their home environment.¹

Revolutionary split processing

Traditionally, hearing aids have processed all sounds under one set of rules. The problem with only having one processor is that all signals are competing against each other. If you prioritize one part, another is neglected. With Augmented Focus, two dedicated processors can fully optimize different parts without compromising one or the other. It shapes the sound of speech and surroundings in a way that delivers outstanding speech clarity while making surroundings sound enjoyable.

Augmenting reality in the wearer's favor

Focus sounds carry relevant information where every small detail is important, for example the speech of a conversation partner. Augmented Focus processes these sounds in a highly linear, uncompressed way with emphasis on clarity and details. This pulls speech closer to the listener, so it sounds as clear as possible.1

Surroundings contain all sounds outside the main focus placing the wearer in the correct acoustic atmosphere. This is important to create both awareness and excitement, for example enjoying piano music and laughter in a café. These sounds are processed with high spatial resolution, applying more compression and attenuation to keep them at a distance from the focus sounds. Sudden loud sounds can be addressed more quickly than ever before to prevent them from masking focus sounds.

This split processing allows us to fully capture focus and surroundings independently. As a result, we can control how we recombine them. To create a greater contrast, Augmented Focus pulls focus sounds closer and places surroundings a bit further away. This augments reality in the wearer's favor.

In a recent study, 85% of participants performed better in a speech test with Signia AX than with their previous hearing aids. 84% reported excellent speech loudness.1*

Our new Augmented Xperience platform is even proven to perform better than normal hearing in a tested party scenario.2

In addition to the groundbreaking audiological performance of Augmented Xperience, Insio Charge&Go AX boast a wealth of additional innovative high-tech features that allow your custom hearing aid wearers to shine and Be Brilliant in their daily life.

Contactless charging for effortless energy

These are the first custom hearing aids with contactless charging. Wearers simply place Insio Charge&Go AX in the Insio Charger without having to worry about any exact charging contact, charge them while resting or sleeping, and then go – true to their name. And keep going throughout the day with up to 20 hours of use on a single charge.

Android & iPhone connectivity for calls, music and TV

Insio Charge&Go AX also offer state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android3 and iOS devices. So wearers can easily stream their phone calls, music and TV audio via their custom hearing aids.

They can also connect to the Signia app and its star attraction: the Signia Assistant with its live deep neural network AI for the most personalized augmented hearing experience.

The first live deep neural network AI for hearing aids

Inspired by the way the human brain’s neural network solves challenges, the Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever wearers need to adjust their settings. When a change is made, the Assistant collects information regarding the wearer and the acoustic situation. You can see all these interactions between the wearer and the Assistant in the Connexx fitting software.

The live deep neural network AI that drives the Signia Assistant marks a revolution in hearing care. It is a living system that continuously learns about individual needs in specific situations, moving from a one-size-fits-all approach to data-driven knowledge for precisely tuned hearing for every individual. As a result, 93% of users regard the Signia Assistant as a meaningful innovation that raises their satisfaction with their hearing aids in difficult listening situations.

It can also drive sales because an overwhelming 87% of consumers would choose hearing aids with such an AI assistant when buying new devices.4

Available in the performance levels 7, 5 and 3, Insio Charge&Go AX ITCs and ITEs are the ideal solution for experienced wearers who are looking for a personally tailored high-tech hearing solution to excel in their private and professional life. Contact your Signia representative today and visit our website for more information.


1 Jensen, Pischel, Taylor, Schulte: Performance of Signia AX in At-Home Listening Situations (Signia White Paper, 2021)
*Higher than 8 (on a 0-10 scale)

2 Jensen, Høydal, Branda, Weber: Augmenting Speech Recognition with a New Split-processing Paradigm (Hearing Review 2021;28(6):24-27)

3 All ASHA-compatible Android phones

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