User Engagement with Signia TeleCare: A Way to Facilitate Hearing Aid Acceptance

Options to offer services and solutions based on electronic processes and communication have in recent years been increasingly explored within the entire healthcare industry. Depending on the specific processes and technologies involved, such solutions are often referred to using umbrella terms like eHealth, mHealth, connected health, telemedicine or telehealth, but more field-specific terms have also been introduced.

The more you use TeleCare, the higher the acceptance rate

We investigated the influence of TeleCare on the acceptance rate of hearing aids. In doing so we analyzed the usage data of 22,810 TeleCare users from 36 countries.


The data presented in the study shows a correlation between TeleCare usage and the hearing aid acceptance rate. This indicates that hearing aid wearers who use teleCare immediately following the initial fitting are more likely to keep the hearing aids then wearers who do not use TeleCare (but have the option to do so).


The data also show that TeleCare offers features that positively affect user engagement and thereby increase the likelihood that the wearer accepts the hearing aids. Furthermore, the more TeleCare is used, the higher the acceptance will be.


Read the whole study on Audiology Online.

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