Deliver a powerful listening experience

Ideal for wearers with high amplification needs, the new Fast behind-the-ear hearing aids offer a high level of performance, which provides optimum amplification for severe levels of hearing loss. Sleek and comfortable, the discreet behind-the-ear instruments are suitable for almost every customer and can be effortlessly adjusted at the touch of a button. With Fast, your customers will have all the power they need for outstanding hearing.

Fast in detail

(1) Microphone
Picks up sound and improves speech understanding in noise.


(2) Rocker switch

Lets you set the suitable sound profile in the fitting process and wearers adjust the volume when necessary.


(3) Battery compartment
For size 13 battery.


(4) Earhook
Ergonomically formed for greater comfort and a high degree of amplification.


(5) Rugged and robust
Fast has been tried and tested in the most challenging environments – for greater reliability.


(6) Simple Coupling
This simple and reliable kind of sound transmission ensures optimum amplification for all levels of hearing loss.

Fit Fast at the touch of a button.
The simple answer to mobile fittings.

Fast hearing aids have three pre-configured sound profiles that can be selected to give the customer optimal speech understanding and hearing comfort. According to the level of the patient’s hearing loss, the appropriate profile is usually selected once and then remains the same, regardless of the hearing situation. Sound profiles are easily selected at the press of the rocker switch and deliver a comfortable hearing experience.

3 sound profiles, 1 touch.

Easy to adjust at the touch of a button: Your customer’s optimum sound profile can be set with a simple press on the rocker switch.



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