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In a study conducted at Hörzentrum in Oldenburg Germany, Signia Nx Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology was clinically investigated.

42 participants with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (PTA=48.4 dB HL) were fitted bilaterally with Signia Nx hearing aids, using the Signia Nx fitting rationale. They were asked to make judgments regarding their perception of the sound of their own voice. Without OVP activated, 20 of the 42 subjects were dissatisfied with their own voice, stating it sounded either muffled, metallic, reverberant, too loud or unnatural. After applying Own Voice Processing to the “unsatisfied group”, 75% experienced a noticeable improvement in their own voice quality. Therefore, the total number of subjects satisfied with their own voice increased from the initial 52% (22/42) to 88% (37/42). These wearers benefited from the full potential of the hearing aids without being troubled by an unnatural own voice or reduced amplification.

Fifteen of 20 previously dissatisfied participants (75%) were satisfied with their own voice after applying the OVP feature.