International Repair Service

Worldwide service for Signia behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal hearing aids (custom-made hearing aids excluded)

The International Repair Service enables your Signia customers to receive repair services around the globe for their Signia-sold products in 26 countries around the world.
Furthermore, it is rendered free of charge provided the Signia product is within warranty. If the Signia product is outside of warranty, Signia applies its standard repair charges. As a provider of audiology services, you can charge a  fee for fitting, handling or any other kind of local service to process an international repair request if you need to.

With Signia’s new International Repair Service and through Signia’s worldwide network of hearing care professionals, you can ensure your clients are cared for regardless of where they are.

Terms & Conditions

  • International Repair Service is subject to the same terms & conditions of the warranty agreement provided directly by Signia;
  • Product types that can benefit from the International Repair Service are Signia behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal hearig aids (custom-made hearing aids excluded), external receiver units, and accessories;
  • International Repair Service is provided free of charge by Signia if the product requested for repair is within the warranty agreement provided by Signia;
  • International Repair Service is subject to repair charges by Signia if the product requested for repair is outside of the warranty agreement provided by Signia;

International Repair Service Step-by-Step

A hearing aid wearer contacts you about a device that is not working properly. You identify the problem as a case for the International Repair Service.
Contact your local Signia customer service team for approval before sending the product for repair or collecting any fees from the hearing aid wearer.

Signia as the manufacturer has to validate the product’s warranty and local limitations (if any) to render this service.

Inform the hearing aid wearer of the manufacturer’s decision:

  • Repair request approved – free of charge, or;
  • Repair request approved – repair charges apply, or;
  • Product is not eligible for International Repair Service.

If approved, send the hearing aid to your local Signia customer service team / manufacturer.

It is your decision if you want to charge the hearing aid wearer a handling fee.

The repaired hearing aid is sent to you and you can hand over the device to its end user.

Available in the following countries

Europe: Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Switzerland,  United Kingdom, Russia, Austria

Asia: China, Japan, Singapore, India, Turkey, South Korea

North America: United States, Canada

South America: Brazil

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Africa: South Africa

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