Hearing instrument test box

The hearing instrument test box (HIT) features a large test chamber to provide excellent acoustics for hearing aid tests and hearing aid configuration before your customer arrives.

Outstanding elegance and precise measurements

Accurately pre-set and test hearing aids with the large hearing instrument test box. Its stylish design makes it a professional eye-catcher for your office environment.

Available standard tests:

  • IEC 60118-7
  • IEC 60118-15 (in combination with the speech mapping module)
  • ANSI S3.22

Measurement screen

The HIT measurement screen demonstrates what is happening inside the test box during test sessions. It provides clearly structured test orders, automatic test runs and readout of data.

Other tests:

  • OSPL 90
  • Battery current
  • Full on gain
  • Induction coil test
  • Frequency response
  • Input / output
  • Harmonic distortion
  • AGC dynamic
  • Equivalent input noise
  • Long term test (monitor output signal and batt. consumption over several hours), from SW version 6.1 onwards
  • Free style test with broadband signal

Technical data

Standards supported: IEC 60118-7; IEC 60118-15, ANSI S3.22

Number of curves per type: 5

Signal types:  Pure tone, warble tone, narrowband noise, white noise, speech-weighted noise, pink noise, sound líbrary

Frequency range: 200 - 16,000 Hz

Signal levels: 40 to 90 dB SPL

Tolerance: +/- 4 dB

Pure tone accuracy: Within 0.2 %

Distortion: Less than 1 %

Operation mode: Single side

Measurement types: OSPL 90, FOG, freq-range, THD, Equiv Input Noise, battery consumption, induction coil, AGC, Longterm testing for output and battery consumption, Free style test

Measurement views: Output-SPL, Gain-dB, I/O

Diagram type: Single, top-mode

Resolution: 6, 12, 24 pins per octave

Level steps: 5 dB

Diagram overlays: Cursor lines with read out (level, frequency, diff)

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