Service Excellence

We understand how important every single order is to you and your patients – and any delay can be detrimental. That’s why we are laser focused on improving order fulfillment accuracy and reducing delivery time, handling each order as efficiently and professionally as possible, for new orders and repairs alike.

From initial order through to delivery, our goal is to make things easy for our Government Services clinicians. And we are always looking for new ways to do this. That’s why we are pleased to share improvements to further elevate our service to you, including:

  • Commitment to proactively reviewing 100% of ITE orders
  • Dedicated “fit experts” to review each impression and provide recommendations to ensure optimum build for each patient
  • 3D modeling review and inspection for greater patient satisfaction
  • Slightly taller builds or reduced vent size without specific requests to deliver the best fit possible
  • Focus on capturing the customer and patient experience so we can always strive to serve you better

Overall, these new processes and commitments are part of our goal to do everything we can to help you operate more efficiently – and achieve optimal patient outcomes. From creating a better fit to ensuring timely and accurate delivery, we make it our business to go above and beyond for you, and your patients.

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