Using LinkedIn Successfully As A Hearing Care Professional

Created as a professional social media site, LinkedIn has become a powerful networking tool for hearing care professionals. However, getting started can be a bit difficult if you don't know where to begin. Here's a guide to help you launch a successful LinkedIn account.

Created in 2003, LinkedIn has become part of how many people network, forge connections, and market themselves. It is the perfect place for hearing care professionals (HCPs) to create a professional profile that showcases their skills, services, and value to potential customers. It can also be a great place to meet other HCPs and create mutually beneficial relationships with other users. However, it’s important to know how the site works, and how to build a successful profile.

What is LinkedIn?

What LinkedIn is largely depends on how you use it. For some people, it’s an online resume and reservoir of job opportunities. For others, it’s a place to find potential employees and connect with other businesses. For hearing care professionals, it’s a landing pad for potential clients and networking partners. 

Social media serves a deeper purpose on the web. You want your profiles on these sites to be cataloged by Google, so when potential customers search your name or company, they have multiple places to land. When your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all readily available, it makes you look professionally active on the web and serious about connecting with other people. 


Your LinkedIn profile serves many purposes. It can give people an incentive to message you through the site, provide contact information, or serve as a directory to your main website. It can also give hard of hearing clients a look into your business, what you do, and why they should use your services.

Building an Account

To begin using LinkedIn, you need to build a professional account. After signing up, it’s time to start customizing your profile. Make sure to use high-quality images and choose an eye-catching profile and cover photo. Crisp, colorful pictures work best, and matching your profile and cover photo can give your profile a professional edge. 


Next, make sure your “About” section is filled out properly. You want it to be grammatically correct, concise, and informative. Give users a look into who you are, what you’re aiming to do, and why you deserve their attention. Include links to your website and offer your Facebook and Twitter as well. Other contact information like your phone number and email give users ways to reach you. 


Once your profile is finished, you can begin following relevant people and businesses. Like Facebook, you can aggregate content by posting links, information, and photos. You can also share things from other users. Sharing posts from other users can encourage engagement, show that you’re active on the site, and put fresh content on your page. 


Make sure to post regularly, and try to strike a balance between promotional posts, share-able content, and posts by other users. Signia regularly posts articles and videos you can share about hearing aids, hearing loss, and aural health.

What Works on LinkedIn?

Success is relative, especially on sites like LinkedIn. However, gaining followers and generating likes and comments is the primary goal. You also want to direct traffic towards other sites, including your professional website or Facebook. All of this can be done, as long as you cultivate a serious profile, post regularly, and interact with other users. Make sure your content is adequately varied, and don’t spend too much time promoting yourself.


Post information that will benefit hard of hearing readers, network with other people, leave comments, and make sure to respond to other people. A content-rich, well-rounded account is more likely to succeed than one that only spends time promoting itself. What are you waiting for? Set up a LinkedIn account today!


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