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The uncompromised fusion of leading audiology, direct streaming and TeleCare 2.0.

In the latest move towards the future, Signia has developed its superior audiology further by incorporating the industry’s broadest and most innovative use of Bluetooth. Together they deliver uncompromising sound, industry-leading connectivity and revolutionary remote hearing care in one hearing aid with great battery life: Pure 13 BT primax. Its wearers’ ears are fully connected to their environment: to each other, to their iPhone and to you, their Hearing Care Professional.

We call this the Connected Ear.

World’s first High Definition binaural and direct streaming.


1. Leading audiology:

With primax star, the best High Definition binaural platform is now enhanced through motion sensor technology.

2. Unrivaled connectivity:

Direct streaming and the new myControl App deliver the best connection and remote control.

3. Revolutionary
TeleCare 2.0:

With TeleCare 2.0, our revolutionary remote hearing care now gets advanced fine tuning and Bluetooth data logging for successful trials.

The best of all worlds.


Pure 13 BT primax: Unrivalled connectivity.

  • e2e 3.0 enables High Definition binaural hearing.
  • Bluetooth 2.4 gHz low energy enables direct connection to iPhones.
  • Signia TeleLink provides broad compatibility for remote tuning and control.

1. Audiology. Effortless precision hearing.

Signia offers the most sophisticated audiology with primax star, the pinnacle of our industry-leading platform. primax star delivers a new level of precision for truly effortless hearing.* It features the world’s most precise microphone system for the best speech and situational awareness.


Perfect ease of conversation.

Superior to an open strategy.

Our system continuously monitors the complete environment and can immediately switch attention to new sound sources. At the same time, the speech layer is constantly adjusted in small steps so that it emerges above the environmental layer across all noise levels.

Only in the highest noise environments will the microphone focus so precisely on a speaker that the environment is placed far into the background: mimicking natural binaural processes. This sophistication can only be achieved via High Definition binaural and its powerful microphone network.

A system for the moving listener.

World’s first use of iPhone motion sensors.

We spend much of our day talking to people while we are moving. Yet conventional hearing aids classify the environment based solely on acoustic information and adapt less effectively. They frequently continue to either focus attention too specifically to the front or remain too open, therefore reducing the ability to converse and stay aware when walking, jogging or driving in noise.

Our motion sensor enhanced classification system delivers full situational awareness so it is able to focus attention on the right place for the best hearing while on the move.

2. Connectivity. Convenient streaming and control.

Wearers can conveniently stream phone calls, music and TV directly into the hearing aids without needing to wear an extra intermediate device. Signia’s direct streaming solution provides reliability and high sound quality without compromising on industry-leading audiology. The Bluetooth connection also allows for relay-less remote control via the new myControl App.


Wireless streaming.

Wireless direct streaming from iPhones – and audio devices via the StreamLine TV accessory – ensures that wearers enjoy the best connection to their favorite devices.

Learn more about StreamLine TV

myControl App.

The new and unique app for Pure 13 BT primax delivers access to our successful features like our previous apps while providing new and exciting control of the hearing aids.

Learn more about myControl App

Remote Hearing Care. TeleCare 2.0 at a new level with Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth connection to the phone enables the Hearing Care Professional to see hearing aid settings and environmental data in the TeleCare portal. Valuable predictors of trial success are plotted daily for monitoring while real time data is displayed to assist with objective remote tuning.


Daily data to predict trial success.

  • Daily wearing time
  • Program use and classification spread
  • Daily user satisfaction

Real time data to assist with remote tuning

  • Program
  • Volume
  • Battery status
  • Environment classification
  • Environment noise level

*Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SPEECH and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.

The Connected Ear – Connectivity beyond streaming