Nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss don’t yet wear a hearing aid. A wide range of people needs encouragement on wearing one.


The potential for more hearing aid wearers is larger than you might think

Did you know that around nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss don’t yet wear a hearing aid? We look at why many people choose to avoid hearing aids and how a high-quality and life-changing product can help to change their perspective.


One in six adults suffers from hearing loss according to the latest European hearing loss statistics. Furthermore, nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss don’t yet wear a hearing aid. This means there is a wide range of people who need encouragement on wearing a hearing aid, and to hear the benefits it can bring to their life.

The fear of embracing hearing loss

Before we tap into that market, we need to understand why these people are choosing to avoid hearing aids. It’s not too surprising to know that the biggest reason for avoiding hearing aids is a degree of embarrassment associated with the familiar hearing aid shape. We know that hearing loss can affect absolutely anyone. It is therefore important that people who need a hearing aid can wear one without fear and anxiety; instead, wearing one with confidence.

Many people who have a negative outlook on hearing loss may not fully understand that this doesn’t mean you will be wearing bulky and noticeable devices. Of course, that may have been true in the past, but not in today’s technological age. Today, as you know, hearing aids can go virtually unnoticed, some are so tiny that they fit deep into the ear canal. Naturally, these small hearing aids are extremely helpful in decreasing the negative connotation of the issue by allowing those who suffer from hearing loss to continue to go about their daily lives without anyone noticing that they are wearing hearing aids. Are you wondering where you come in? Right here. This is exactly how the hearing and health industry has dealt with this issue, using the power of deflection by creating “virtually invisible” ITEs.

What would a groundbreaking design do for those who live with hearing loss?

While it’s a great way to “hide” your hearing loss and gain more confidence, it might not change the fears and frustrations that hearing aid wearers associate with their condition. We need to go deeper and address these frustrations and fears to look at how they are feeling, as well as, what everyone else is thinking.

What if there was a way to find an exceptional design that’s not associated with hearing loss but rather a look of elegance that is in tune with people’s images of themselves and their everyday lifestyle.

What would this do for those who live with hearing loss? It would transform their lives and would enable patients to feel completely “normal”, with no anxiety. They would feel confident in their everyday life. Rather than wearing something that feels like a medical device, they can wear a high-tech hearing solution that suits their style and personality. This can bring a new-found confidence to help break down the social barriers associated with hearing loss.

The great news is that Signia is leading the way in innovative advanced hearing aids and we are creating high-quality and life-changing products that will help you in winning and gaining new customers and clients.

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