Signia Pure Charge&Go combines direct streaming rechargeable batteries a compact size to fit every hearing aid wearers preferences but it's tested and approved?


Signia Pure Charge&Go, Tested and Approved

Direct streaming is a relatively new feature in hearing aids. Combined with rechargeability, these hearing aids grant users the freedom that comes with portable, fully-functional hearing aids.


Direct streaming is a relatively new feature in hearing aids. Combined with rechargeability, these hearing aids grant users the freedom that comes with portable, fully-functional hearing aids.

With streaming options, hearing aid wearers can send audio directly from their phone to their earpiece. This allows users to listen wirelessly, with no outside interference. Whether they’re enjoying music, having a conversation in a loud room, or just watching television, direct streaming grants them the freedom to stay mobile.

Rechargeable hearing aids aren’t an entirely new concept – for wearers that lead an active lifestyle, rechargeability is more than just a feature. For many people with hearing loss, having to buy hearing aid batteries is a deterrent. By eliminating the marginal costs and sometimes fiddly battery changes, potential customers are more likely to invest in hearing aid technology.

Different rechargeability technologies are available, but only Signia currently provides Li-ion charging combined with direct streaming via Bluetooth. Other combinations of direct streaming and rechargeability are only available with different charging technologies instead of the more reliable Li-ion charging offered by Signia.

Direct Streaming, Li-ion Rechargeability, and Size

Size is an important factor for many wearers. If a hearing aid is too large and uncomfortable, they might be wary about purchasing one. Many people want their hearing aids to feel as natural and unnoticeable as possible, and large devices make it hard to adjust. For wearers that lead social or professional lives, they might not want the hearing aids to appear obvious. For these reasons, smaller devices often sell better.

Combining direct streaming, Li-ion rechargeable battery technology, and a compact size is a difficult achievement. In a three-part study, various hearing aids were compared. All identifying marks were removed, so participants judged the devices based entirely on their own experiences.

In the first study, rechargeable hearing aids with direct streaming were compared. Signia’s Pure Charge&Go Nx had a NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 12. This was significantly higher than the other options, which received scores of -19 and -21. The second study asked participants to pick hearing aids based on their batteries. Hearing aids without direct streaming were offered as well. Signia’s product still won out, with 80% of respondents rating it above 7 on a 1-10 scale.

The last study was the broadest one, with participants choosing between all the devices they had been shown. This time, they were told to judge hearing aids based on their size and functionality. Signia hearing aids were the only devices that scored positively on this NPS scale, with 18 points as the final judgement.

Going Beyond and Offering More

A hearing aid is not only defined by its key features, but by its overall usability. For hard of hearing wearers, being able to use their hearing aid easily is the most important part. For this reason, Signia offers hearing aids with full connectivity. By using Bluetooth, users can easily connect their hearing aids with their phones and other devices.

First outfitted for iOS, this feature has expanded to include compatibility with Android systems and other Bluetooth devices via the StreamLine Mic accessory and with TVs via the StreamLine TV accessory. This wide compatibility offers a number of avenues for users to enjoy a full listening experience.

As many drawbacks are solved, potential customers that previously objected to hearing aids are finding new opportunities. For those that found the size too cumbersome, Signia offers smaller, more compact hearing aids. Users that didn’t like the sound of their own voice are able to speak freely with the help of OVP (Own Voice Processing) technology. Many users asked for more options when it came to direct streaming and rechargeable options, and Signia combined the two to create a more versatile device.

Every hearing aid wearer has different preferences when it comes to what features they value. By offering as many functions as possible, Signia covers all their bases.