“TeleCare has cut down on my return rate”

Watch a short video showing how our revolutionary remote hearing care has helped audiologist Alexandra Dunn and her patients.

Audiologist Alexandra Dunn, M.S. is an enthusiastic early adopter of Signia TeleCare. In a short video, she explains the many benefits that this revolutionary remote hearing care offers her and her patients.

The TeleCare portal shows the Hearing Care Professional how well patients are using their hearing aids during the trial period while the myHearing App on the wearers’ smartphones motivates them to learn about their hearing and how to maintain their health by wearing hearing aids.

“TeleCare has cut down on my return rate,” says Alexandra Dunn. “I am more efficient, I’m able to see more people.”

Hearing aid wearer Anna Pincus agrees that the app offers valuable benefits, enabling her to communicate with her Hearing Care Professional when she experiences an issue with her hearing aids. For more information about TeleCare, visit www.signia-pro.com/telecare