Success with TeleCare

Our revolutionary remote hearing care, Signia TeleCare, has helped a South African audiologist to raise her level of service significantly.

Yolandé van der Westhuizen Audiology is one of the leading hearing care practices in the Pretoria region of South Africa. The owner, Yolandé van der Westhuizen, was one of the first audiologists in South Africa to register with TeleCare. “I didn’t even wait for a visit from a Signia trainer to start using it,” she explains. “I already set up the TeleCare system by myself and started giving out the app to patients. I found it much easier than expected.”

Since registering with TeleCare in December 2016, Yolandé van der Westhuizen has already provided more than 40 patients with TeleCare – an average of seven new patients per week. “What I love about the app, is that it guides my patients through those crucial first weeks and steers them into situations in which they can really experience the full benefits of their new hearing aids,” she says. “And the patients experience it as a better service offering by the audiologist.”

“Just last week, I had one patient who rated a daily satisfaction 1 out of 5. I sent him a message and was able to find out that one hearing aid was dead – I could re-explain that the wax guard needs to be changed and it worked again. That’s a time saving for me and my patient.”

Delivering a superior service

As a result, Yolandé van der Westhuizen has made TeleCare her new standard of care that she applies with almost every patient. She remarks: “TeleCare is just the quickest and most cost-effective way to provide a high quality of hearing care that I have found so far. I can monitor my patients’ ratings which gives me feedback how each patient is doing. Follow-up appointments are easier as you can go through the module ratings and identify difficulties in a much more convenient manner.”

She adds: “TeleCare also makes it easier for me to encourage patients to upgrade their hearing aids. I highlight the remote tuning function where they don’t even have to come and see me, I can do it remotely – it’s a great marketing tool.”

As a next step, Yolandé van der Westhuizen plans to load previous patients into the database in order to have one central tool for communication and marketing. She also plans to train her front desk assistant to already install the app while her patients are in the waiting room.