Signia TeleCare is a revolutionary application designed and built by Hearing Care Professionals to help you set a new standard of care. Read on...

The advantages of TeleCare: Stay closer to your customers through easy communication.

Most of us use our computer or smartphone on a daily basis to keep in touch with people and resolve issues quickly. So why should it be any different when it comes to modern hearing aids? In our third blogpost about the advantages of Signia TeleCare, we examine the CareChat capabilities that enable easy and direct communication with your customers. They enable you to troubleshoot any problems quickly and efficiently, saving you time and appointments.

CareChat is built into your customers’ MyHearing App so they have a direct communication channel to you at their fingertips. It delivers real-time text and voice chat via their smartphone to the Hearing Care Professional’s phone and professional TeleCare portal. For example, if a customer is struggling with the handling or settings of their hearing aids, they don’t have to wait until they see you at their next appointment, they can simply get in touch with you via CareChat and ask for advice and assistance. You, in turn, can contact a customer if you see that their daily satisfaction ratings are not as positive as you would like them to be to find out if they need any additional support (see previous blogpost about transparency on customer satisfaction).

By allowing you to keep in touch with your customers in between appointments more easily than ever before, CareChat provides another bow in your TeleCare arrow to reduce the risk of drop-outs and returns and boost customer satisfaction.

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