Styletto's PoS Marketing Material Collection

One of the most important part of promoting a new product is simply letting people know it exists. In these situations, good in-store marketing materials are a necessary part of drawing in potential customers. Luckily, Signia has you covered there too.

Marketing materials are meant to hook people’s attention, make them curious about the product, and give them something tangible to consider. However, it can take more than one thing to accomplish all of these steps. While a poster or window display might get them interested, a dummy model will show them something beyond what they see in a photo.

Signia’s variety of materials are designed to help draw in potential sales. By offering an array of marketing materials, we hope to encourage you customers’ interest in the revolutionary new Styletto hearing aids and show them the best concept possible.

Styletto Dummies

The Styletto dummy is a necessary part of your customer consultation. It gives customers an idea of what they’ll be wearing and showcases Styletto’s unique design. Along with these dummies come the blisterpacks, which can be used as window decoration items. While the typical blisterpack only displays one Styletto color palette, another comes with all three designs.

While these are meant to give a potential customer a quick look into the product, the presentation pack goes a step farther. The fold-out box contains two Styletto dummies, along with a dummy of their portable charging case. This box can be pulled out during presentations or set up in a store window to give customers an example of the product.

The Styletto Display

Like dummies, displays are meant to show customers the potential of the product. The Styletto display showcases the style and design of the hearing aids. This exclusive design highlights the personalization aspect of Styletto, presenting all three color options and the attractive on-the-go charger.

Many people with hearing loss worry that hearing aids will reduce their control over their lives. By showing them that they have attractive options with Styletto, they’re more likely to become interested.

Window Banners and Posters

Along with blisterpacks and the Styletto display, posters and banners can catch the attention passers-by and encourage them to step inside. Styletto is all about style and beauty, and our marketing materials are no different. Every poster and window panel features eye-catching artwork and a concept they won’t forget. Styletto allows hard of hearing people to hear the world in beautiful ways, and this is obvious in the colorful designs.

While most of the posters focus on one of the Styletto characters, the Styletto Shop Video depicts all four. Everyone can suffer from hearing loss, and the characters are diverse in their appearances and lifestyles so customers can see a character they connect with.

Styletto Lookbook

Instead of a conventional consumer leaflet, a printed lookbook conveys the stylish design aspect of Styletto to customers when they want to find out more about these revolutionary hearing aids. The high-quality brochure highlights the many advantages of Styletto, from its attractive design to portable rechargeability and the most natural hearing experience, in combination with various photos of the Styletto characters. This enables customers to see the positive effect that wearing Styletto has in different situations of the characters’ lives.


In addition we also offer attractive Styletto pens, which we recommend to be given out after consultations or one-on-one meetings with customers thinking about buying Styletto.