Silk: Happy new customers from the very first moment

For the first time, hearing impaired people can use and try out an in-the-ear device during their very first visit. Because our new Silk fits right out-of-the-box thanks to the innovative slip-on silicone sleeves.

You know the story. A new customer approaches you and tells you with a heavy heart that he or she probably needs hearing aids. It would be best, however, if no one could notice them. The customer has already done some research and there are very small devices that are hidden in the ear. The customer would like to try these first. You know the answers you have given so far as well as this story. With our Signia Silk hearing aid, we now have a new alternative answer for you that will not only please you, but also your customers. It’s called: Silk. A completely-in-canal device that fits out-of-the-box. Without the need to order individually for each customer.

Fits (almost) anyone

Due to a slip-on silicone sleeve, Silk fits in most ear canals. The sleeve is available in three sizes with or without the smallest openings – for an open or closed fitting. The silicone is particularly soft and adapts to the ear canal. For a pleasant and hardly noticeable, yet very secure fit. Silk is suitable for virtually any type of hearing loss, whether it is slight, moderate or severe. Silk also meets nearly every need, because it is available in the three performance levels 3px, 5px and 7px. It scores points with its hearing comfort, because it is based on our latest platform primax.


Signia Silk fits out-of-the-box in most ears thanks to the innovative Click Sleeve made of soft silicone.

More spontaneous purchase decisions

Often years go by until people with hearing loss bring themselves to buy hearing aids. With Silk you can now accelerate this process. That is why we are convinced that Silk will give your business a new boost.

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