Signia Cellion hearing aid with a long lasting built-in lithium-ion power cell for contact-free charging – a world’s first

Cellion is the first hearing aid in the world with an inductively rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Small and good as our popular Pure, this has the makings of a new bestseller.

Innovation has a new name: Cellion. It is the first hearing aid in the world to contain a lithium-ion power cell that can be charged contact-free. At the same time, it is based on our innovative and highly acclaimed primax platform. The future certainly has a lot more in store for us. We are working on it every day. But at this point, we can say with full conviction: You can’t get more innovative than this.

The charging technology

The lithium-ion battery in Cellion lasts for up to two days* with just one complete charge of only four hours. A 30 minutes express charging delivers listening pleasure for at least seven hours. It is especially practical because the Cellion hearing aids are charged contact-free in our new inductive charging tray – by power supply unit to the supply mains or by standard micro-USB connection to virtually any USB-compatible energy source, such as smartphone and tablet chargers.

The hearing experience

Cellion is based on our latest primax platform and offers all of the hearing benefits of this technology. Above all else, the significant reduction in listening effort brought about by primax due to its emphasis on speech in many everyday listening situations makes wearing hearing aids with primax technology an unparalleled listening experience.

The customer benefits

Your customers will appreciate all of this. With Cellion, they will receive a highly innovative top-of-the-range hearing aid that is about as small as our Pure, which is already very popular. They no longer have to change any batteries, can quickly and easily recharge their hearing aids and benefit from what we consider as the currently best hearing technology on the market.

Our Cellion is available in the 5px and 7px performance classes. It is suitable for slight, moderate and severe hearing loss.

*Cellion provides a battery life spanning 24 hours of constant use – at a normal level of use this corresponds to two days with full-time audio streaming.