Signia revolutionizes the retention of custom hearing aids

Signia ITE hearing aids offer two new solutions to optimize retention in the ear.

Three out of every 10 custom made hearing aid wearers experience difficulty with retention due to the shape of their ear canals. Conventional hearing aids do not solve this issue well enough. They might use a soft coating to prevent the hearing aids from slipping in low-contour ear canals, but this lacquer gets worn down over time until the hearing aids start slipping again.

The latest innovation from Signia solves this problem. Our revolutionary CanalGrip™ coating gives our Insio primax CIC and ITC hearing aids complete retention in low contour ear canals. The innovative “tread pattern” works similarly to a car’s high grip winter tires to prevent slipping. We have achieved this innovation by inserting the tread pattern underneath a robust lacquer so that it cannot be worn down over time.

CanalGrip features a tire tread motif to illustrate the tread pattern technology. This is available in red and blue for additional support in identifying left and right or in black, reminiscent of a car tire.

World first: Retention with discretion

Conventional hearing aids can offer a canal lock to ensure that hearing aids remain in place in short or straight ear canals without ergonomic retention areas. These locks might work but spoil the cosmetic effect of ITE hearing aids that are supposed to be discreet as well as sit comfortably. Because they are modelled digitally, these conventional locks are always the same color as the shell.

Signia now offers you an innovative solution to deliver retention and discretion with Insio primax CIC and ITC hearing aids: the new Concha Lock. Unlike conventional locks, this digitally modelled lock can be translucent even when the shell is not to deliver maximal discretion. This makes Insio primax virtually invisible in the in the ear even for wearers with short or straight ear canals.

With the new CanalGrip and Concha Lock, you now have two solutions to solve retention issues so that all your clients can enjoy the discretion and comfort of custom made hearing aids.