Built on our industry-leading HD binaural audiology, primax star offers new levels of precision for truly effortless hearing and remote fine tuning. More ...

HD binaural audiology meets next level remote hearing care.

Built on Signia’s industry-leading High Definition binaural audiology, primax star offers new levels of precision for truly effortless hearing and unprecedented remote fine tuning.

Signia offers the most sophisticated audiology with our proven primax platform. primax star is the culmination of this successful platform, taking it to new levels of precision to deliver truly effortless hearing* across our entire product range. We take another leap forward with primax star by now offering an unprecedented level of remote tuning across our entire portfolio with Signia TeleCare 2.0.

High Definition binaural hearing

primax star deploys a range of sophisticated technologies in harmony with one another to ensure effortless hearing in a wide variety of speech environments. From the lively family breakfast table to the noisy commute, from the bustle at the office to the sounds enveloping a street café on a windy day, primax star hearing aids help their wearers to hear the person speaking to them clearly. This is achieved with our industry-leading high definition binaural processing. Most hearing aids with so called near-field wireless merely synchronize settings between the two hearing aids. High Definition binaural goes a step further by wirelessly transmitting the audio signal between the two hearing aids.

Don’t let an open strategy hamper conversations

Our system is perfect for conversations. It continuously monitors the complete environment and can immediately switch attention to new sound sources. At the same time, the speech layer is constantly adjusted in small steps so that it emerges above the environmental layer across all noise levels. Only in the highest noise environments will the microphone focus so precisely on a speaker that the environment is placed far into the background: mimicking natural binaural processes. This sophistication can only be achieved via High Definition binaural and its powerful microphone network.

A system for the moving listener

We spend much of our day talking to people while we are moving. Yet conventional hearing aids are designed for the stationary wearer – they cannot adapt to when we are moving, they incorrectly continue to focus attention to the front. But this isn’t natural because our hearing behavior is different when we are talking while walking, jogging or driving.

With the new Pure 13 BT hearing aids, our motion sensor enhanced classification system delivers full situational awareness so it is able to focus attention on the right place for the best hearing while on the move.

Signia TeleCare 2.0: Your personal connection to success

TeleCare 2.0, our revolutionary remote hearing care, keeps you in direct contact with your customers and enables advanced remote fine tuning for the best possible conversion success during trials. The new four-band equalizer enables precise gain adjustments for each program, giving you maximum control in helping your customers feel happy with new hearing aids quickly from the comfort of their daily lives. This revolutionary technology works with all primax star hearing aids including our most innovative models Silk, Cellion and Pure 13 BT.


Smart data enters the world of hearing aids

Pure 13 BT’s Bluetooth connection to iPhone enables you to see the hearing aid setting and environmental data in the TeleCare portal. Valuable predictors of trial success such as wearing time, program use, and situation classification are plotted daily for monitoring while real time data is displayed to assist with objective remote tuning. This data includes the current instrument status on program, volume, situation classification and noise level, complementing the wearer’s subjective feedback to enable you to adjust the hearing aids optimally.

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* Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SPEECH and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.