Lotus: New opportunities for hearing aid supply in emerging markets

With our new product segment Lotus, we want to help hearing impaired people in emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America by providing access to modern and affordable hearing aids - through local hearing care professionals or, if not within reach, through healthcare professionals.

A vast majority of hearing impaired people in emerging markets do not wear modern hearing aids, because they simply cannot afford them or because there is no one – far and wide – who can provide them with a fitting. We want to change that: Most of our new Lotus hearing aids can be fitted without special software and hardware and are also affordable even with limited financial means. At the same time they have modern hearing technology. How does that work? Read on.

Lotus Run, Lotus Fun, Lotus Fast

For Lotus Fun, Fast and Run, we analyzed thousands of audiograms from which we derived clusters that can be used to cover most fitting requirements. We pre-programmed these clusters in the devices. This makes it possible for health care professionals to select the best setting for a hearing impaired person after only a brief training. At the touch of a button. Done. With the Lotus Run, we even go a step further. Health professionals can use a self-explanatory smartphone app to further individualize the fitting.

Lotus Prompt

As the top-of-the-range device in our new Lotus portfolio, the Lotus Prompt is fitted using our proven Connexx software. As the first device in this class, it is available not only as small, as Power and Super Power behind-.the-ear versions, but also as in-the- ear solutions – even as a completely-in-canal device.

Innovative devices for innovative business ideas

On the one hand, with our Lotus devices we want to support hearing care professionals in markets lacking infrastructure by providing them with a robust and affordable product family for a wide range of adaptations in the form of Lotus Prompt. Thus they can offer an appealing selection of reliable devices with proven, modern hearing technology to customers on a small budget. On the other hand, we are providing hearing impaired people in areas without trained hearing care professionals the opportunity of solid basic care with modern hearing aids.

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