You can use our new hearing aid solution to overcome your customer’s concerns and help you gain new customers and clients.


A stylish new high-tech hearing aid to generate leads and increase in-store conversion

Get ready for a paradigm shift in hearing aid design that promises to change the public perception of hearing aids, generate leads and increase in-store conversion. Ahead of a big announcement this week, we shed some light on the proof behind our excitement.


Are you ready for a revolutionary approach to hearing aids? Our new hearing solution with a uniquely stylish design – to be unveiled next week – provides a powerful vehicle to help you generate leads and convert potential clients into satisfied hearing aid wearers.

Our new hearing solution to generate leads

Our exciting new solution will generate leads by gathering interest and enabling style to be a desirable quality when it comes to choosing a hearing aid. We are combining high-tech and sleek style like never before. Not only that, it will leave a lasting impression on consumers as an advanced hearing aid that matches their image of themselves rather than a shape traditionally associated with hearing loss.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ve gathered proof that our new solution offers a paradigm shift in the public perception of hearing aids.

We conducted a consumer study of 500 people with mild to moderate hearing loss, asking them to choose between two different offerings of hearing solutions. One of the portfolios included our innovative solution, while the other did not. Can you guess what the verdict was? A whopping 84% of consumers chose the offering with our new solution. This clearly shows the fantastic level of interest this product can generate. However, it didn’t stop there. That interest was then further transferred into recall with 88 percent of consumers successfully remembering this hearing aid. These results clearly verify the impact this product has as a powerful lead generator.[1]

The impressive results don’t stop there. Our innovative new solution can also help you convert interested consumers into satisfied clients. During our study, we also asked potential hearing aid wearers to choose a solution from a selection of our products.

What are the results?

The result? Around 24% of people chose no hearing aids at all, simply because they couldn’t find something that appealed to their sense of style, personality or needs. Interestingly, when we repeated the study with our new solution, only 10% chose no solution. That significant swing clearly indicates how powerful this new solution is to our portfolio and the lasting impact it will make in the industry.

It’s clear that our new solution is a game-changer in the world of hearing aids. We pride ourselves on developing products that transform everyday life for those who are hard of hearing.

Our new solution is a triple threat. Not only is it a fantastic design statement by matching its wearer’s image of themselves, but it also generates leads and is a powerful conversion driver. And there’s more, so stay tuned for the big unveiling this week. We know that it’s going to be an effective product to help you attract new clients and ensure they stick with you.

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[1] Signia consumer study 2018: When presented with a choice, 84% of respondents chose an offering with the new solution. 88% of respondents correctly recalled seeing the new solution in a shop window.