Intelligent integration of smartphone technology into hearing aids

In a series of expert talks at EUHA 2017, several of our developers in Germany highlight advantages of the new Signia Nx platform. Today's topic is Bluetooth connectivity.

In his presentation at EUHA 2017, Marc Aubreville focused on the seamless integration of smartphone technology into the universal hearing aid program. The introduction of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids has enabled new possibilities of making hearing systems smarter with the use of smartphone apps. For example, in addition to audio signals, Signia hearing aids can now also process environmental information such as the movement of the hearing aid wearer. By utilzing the smartphone’s motion sensor information via the new myControl App, Bluetooth hearing aids from Signia can optimize directionality for the most natural sound experience in any situation.

The seamless integration of smartphone technology into the universal program delivers another crucial advantage. Streaming signals can be blended in without any delay. If this were not possible, hearing aids would have to switch to a separate streaming program. That could cause the wearer to miss some audio notifications such as short navigation messages as well as the start of phone calls, Marc Aubreville explained. Upon ending streaming, modern Bluetooth connectivity allows users to hear their environment again without delay and without cumbersome program changes.