Hundreds of visitors to this year’s EUHA exhibition in Hannover, Germany, took part in a special Styletto Experience during the three-day event from October 17 to 19.


Styletto Is the Star Attraction at EUHA 2018

Signia’s revolutionary Styletto hearing aid captured the imagination at this year’s EUHA 2018 congress and exhibition with its uniquely stylish design and potential for business growth.


Hundreds of visitors to this year’s EUHA exhibition in Hannover, Germany, took part in a special Styletto Experience during the three-day event from October 17 to 19. In an exclusive presentation evoking the look and feel of a fashion show complete with professional models on a runway wearing Styletto, hearing care professionals from across Europe and the wider world gained closer insights into what makes Styletto so special. Visitors were also able to have their photo taken with the models to bring home some Styletto magic to share with friends and colleagues.

Transforming the image of hearing aids

The Styletto Experience was organized as regular sessions in a quiet area separate from the bustling Signia stand to help visitors immerse themselves in all the features and advantages of the new product:

  • Styletto re-imagines hearing aids by building the design from the ground up: Just like the smartphone revolution in mobile phones, Styletto offers a new SLIM-RIC form factor thanks to a new pin-shaped lithium-ion battery. This removes the need to design a rounded shape to accommodate the traditional coin-shaped battery. SLIM not only describes the new stylish shape, it also stands for Slim Lithium Ion Module, the audience heard.
  • This design revolution addresses the needs of new and existing hearing aid wearers: Globally, nine out of 10 people with mild to moderate hearing loss still don’t wear a hearing aid and their self-image plays a huge role in this. Creating a new look and feel that suits people’s image of themselves therefore carries a huge potential for business growth.
  • The fact that Styletto changes the perception of hearing aids is proven: 84% prefer a shop window with Styletto compared to one without it, according to a consumer study.* That means the new product is a lead generator encouraging people to enter a hearing aid store and can help hearing care professionals greatly in converting people with hearing loss into satisfied hearing aid wearers.

A new charging paradigm

Yet style isn’t everything that’s special about Styletto. Not only does it feature all the audiological advantages of the proven Signia Nx platform, such as Own Voice Processing (OVP) for the most natural-sounding own voice. It also re-invents rechargeability with a stylish portable charging case. The case itself can be charged via a USB cable so that Styletto wearers can spend four days free from plugs or cables – they simply place their hearing aids in the case while they sleep. And if the day turns to night and a little extra energy is required, a quick 30-minute charge provides an additional five hours of wearing time! This makes Styletto ideal for anyone who likes to take long weekend trips or regularly travels for business.

Best-in-class trial success with TeleCare

Styletto comes in three modern color combinations and is water resistant in accordance with the IP68 standard, visitors heard. In addition, it offers remote control with the touchControl App and proven real-time remote service with Signia TeleCare. This solution offers best-in-class trial success by providing hearing care professionals (HCPs) with more communication options and flexibility in supporting hearing aid wearers during their trial phase – like a virtual home visit. TeleCare allows HCPs to predict the trial success more precisely by improving the trial visibility via realistic lessons and daily satisfaction ratings. Furthermore, HCPs get immediate and real-time feedback in case a patient is not satisfied with an aspect of the trial so that they can provide help promptly.

You can sign up to TeleCare for free at https://telecare.signia-pro.com

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* Source: Signia consumer study 2018