For a long time, hearing aids have been perceived as practical yet aesthetically unappealing. Signia will introduce a game-changer combining high-tech hearing with stylish design!


Exceptional hearing aid design can help attract new clients

Too many people still consider hearing aids unappealing but why is that? Sleek, innovative design combined with high-tech audiological features can play a crucial role in changing that public perception.


People love products that suit them and their personality, so, naturally, an exceptional design that appeals to people’s lifestyle and image of themselves is the standard in any industry, especially if they want to stand out. This is true of many different consumer products such as mobile phones, headphones – even glasses. The latter example shows that this is also possible for medical devices such as hearing aids.

For many years hearing aids have been viewed as bulky and generally non-appealing in terms of the way they look. This notion has often deterred many people from ever trying a hearing aid which means there are a lot of potential consumers who need convincing.

The response to this from the industry was to make hearing aids as small as possible, so that they were virtually invisible to the public eye. However, in today’s world, people are just as concerned about style and wearing something that represents them. More and more people are open about hearing difficulties, and they want a sleek and innovative device that showcases that message.

The time is right for a paradigm shift in hearing aid design as the latest EuroTrak study data shows that the image of hearing aids is improving: whereas more than half of respondents were embarrassed to wear hearing aids six years ago, today that number is down to less than a third. Improved design has played a factor in changing attitudes, so great design could boost the image of hearing aids to an unprecedented degree.

Why does sleek design matter?

Today’s generation of individuals don’t want boring, overtly “medical” devices. They don’t want their hearing loss to be a burden, and they don’t want a device that makes them feel branded as someone with a hearing difficulty. Instead, people want sleek and stylish designs coupled with leading edge technologies that help them to feel confident despite their condition. Just like other assistive medical devices such as glasses, consumers want to have a choice that combines the best of both worlds; a technically advanced product with a sleek, beautiful design.

Now is the time to make a clear statement through exceptional design, and the team at Signia have achieved that very thing. We recently conducted a consumer study of 500 people with mild to moderate hearing loss to assess our new Signia hearing aid (coming soon).

The result? They rated it as overwhelmingly new and different when compared to current solutions on the market.

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